President Thaçi discussed the steps undertaken towards forming of the new Government with the Ambassadors of the Quint countries

Prishtina, April 23rd 2020 – President of the Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi invited today the representatives of the Embassies of the Qunit countries, whom he informed with the steps undertaken after the political parties represented at the Assembly of Kosovo expressed their will in favour of forming of a new Government after the dismissal of Kurti Government.

Meeting was attended by the Ambassadors of the USA, United Kingdom, Germany, France and Italy as well a s the EU Special Representative to Kosovo.

President Thaçi stated that after the consultations with the political parties  it is clear that the absolute majority is in favour of forming of a new Government without the need to dissolve the Assembly and in conformity with this will  and in compliance with the Constitution of the Laws of the of Kosovo has requested that LDK nominates their candidate to form the new Government.

“After the consultations with political parties I have asked the President of the LDK, Mr. Isa Mustafa , to offer a candidate for the forming of the new Government,” said President Thaçi and added that “ every step is and shall be in full compliance with the Constitution and the laws of Kosovo.”  

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