President Thaçi: Bajram Rexhepi was distinguished for courage, professionalism and humanism

Prishtina, August 22 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, participated today at the commemorative meeting in honor of former Kosovo Prime Minister, Bajram Rexhepi, who passed away yesterday after a serious illness.

President Thaçi said that in his three-decade political career, Bajram Rexhepi was amongst the emblematic personalities with rare virtues on the path of the achievement of the freedom and independence of Kosovo.

According to him, Rexhepi was distinguished for courage, professionalism and humanism since 1996, 1997 and onward healing the freedom fighters.

“Dr. Bajram Rexhepi was the first doctor of the Kosovo Liberation Army. During the years 1998-1999, he was found everywhere there was a battle: be it in Shala or Llap, also in Drenica and Mitrovica, always near the injured soldiers”, the President said.

He stressed that since the first days of liberation, Bajram Rexhepi took political responsibility, becoming the first citizen of Mitrovica and being engaged in the return and settling of war-torn residents.

“After the first general election of 2001, Dr. Bajram Rexhepi was elected Prime Minister of the Government of Kosovo, as part of the broad political government, completing the full mandate successfully”, said President Thaçi, adding that with high state commitments, Rexhepi was there where he had to be – in Mitrovica, in Brussels, but also in Washington and New York.

President Thaçi, in front of the family members, colleagues and representatives of civil society said that Bajram Rexhepi had a high politician profile, with support of the citizens and the support from the international community as well.

According to him, after the declaration of independence, Rexhepi carried out the state responsibilities with honor, be it as Mayor or as Minister of Internal Affairs.

The President has said that Bajram Rexhepi was distinguished as a loving and caring family member, a principled citizen, a prudent man, a wise activist, a moderate and quite transparent politician.

“He spoke out the thing he had in mind. He was a person of high integrity and respectable on national level”, he added.

President Thaçi, in the end, emphasized that with his early separation from life, the family lost the beloved man, whereas the country’s institutions lost a prominent statesman.

He has said that his companions, colleagues and friends will preserve the memory of him forever.

“His wisdom and foresight will guide us on our path to the progress and strengthening of our state. Glory to the life, work, and name of Dr. Bajram Rexhepi”, said the President.

The day before, President Thaçi took the decision to declare today, August 22, a day of mourning in Kosovo, in honor of former Kosovo Prime Minister Bajram Rexhepi.

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