President Thaçi awards the “Hero of Kosovo” order to 66 martyrs of the 125th Brigade

Prizren, March 11th 2020 – President of the Republic of Kosovo Hashim Thaçi, awarded today the honours for the 66 martyrs of the 125th Brigade of the Pashtrik operational zone.

President Thaçi said that he came to Prizren today to honour the martyrs fallen during the fight for freedom, liberation and national unification at the Pashtrik operational zone.

“The sacrifice of the fallen for freedom, the war invalids, war veterans and of the family members of the martyrs, is institutionalised today, it is a state value which keeps the state strong, stable and secure for the future, “ said President Thaçi.

Even though with modest means, said the head of state, all those Kosovar girls and boys fought with high spirits and determination and achieved what we have only dreamed about.

“We believed in justice, in our fight, our sacrifice and in western values, and that’s why we won. And this victory we must cherish at all times. This sacrifice must be respected at all times,” said the President.

In conformity with his constitutional competencies, President Thaçi awarded the 66 martyrs of the 125th Brigade with the “Hero of Kosovo” Order. 

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