President Thaçi awards Baroness Ashton for her contribution in the dialogue and approximation with the EU

Prishtina, January 17th, 2017- The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, awarded Baroness Ashton today with the Presidential Medal of Merits.

President Thaçi has granted her this award for her contribution in the dialogue on the normalizing of the relations between Kosovo and Serbia, and for the approximation of Kosovo with the EU.
 President Thaçi said that Baroness Ashton has given historical contribution for the achievement of the peace agreement, the normalization of the relations between Kosovo and Serbia, and for the further approximation of Kosovo towards the European family.

 “I know it has been a laborious job, but precisely your determination, your patience and your vision made us reach agreements, start the as normal as possible communications between the two countries which have been enemies and to start build peace and cooperation” said President Thaçi.
 The Head of State expressed his conviction that the European vision will prevail in our region, despite the temporary tensions that can be created and that may also be artificial.

 “The future of Kosovo and the entire Western Balkans is a Euro-Atlantic future in order to be part of NATO and the European Union, where your role and contribution is major and historic”, said President Thaçi.

 Whereas, Baroness Catherine Ashton said she felt honored and privileged for the granting of the Presidential Medal of Merits to her.

 “I thank you so much for this recongition of what was a small part in an extraordinary process. Everywhere I go in the world, people ask me about this dialogue. I pay tribute to the courage and commitment that was shown, especially by you Mr. President in wanting to make the lives of the people of Kosovo better”, has said Baroness Ashton.

 She said that she expects some other practical things to be done.

 “It is practical things that make people realize the values and power of being prepared to talk together. I wish you, your counterparts and my successor in Brussels all the very best for the future of the dialogue”, stated Baroness Ashton.
 President Thaçi and Baroness Ashton have also shared common views about the importance of the dialogue.

 “The Kosovo institutions remain focused on the long term cooperation with the neighboring countries, the dialogue with each other and the benefits that will be created for all the Western Balkan countries”, concluded President Thaçi.


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