President Sejdiu visits the villages of Lower Lubinja and Reçan in Prizren

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, visited today the municipality of Prizren’s villages of Lower Lubinja and Reçan. Accompanied by the Leader of “Vakat” Coalition, Mr. Xhezair Murat, and other members of the Coalition, President Sejdiu engaged in an open debate with municipal officials and villagers. In the beginning, he was received by hundreds of villagers of Lower Lubinja, walked through village streets and talked to the villagers and then he had a meeting with the villagers and their representatives. He was updated on achievements made in terms of overall development of the village and the surrounding Bosnian community villages and took note of issues that they face.

Addressing the villagers, President Sejdiu affirmed that the aim of Kosovo institutions is to ensure the growth of the Republic of Kosovo in general and the parallel development of the regions of our country in particular, without distinction.

“We are living in a new era: an era of development and freedom of all our citizens. With the support of our friends – the USA, the European Union and other world democracies – we have reached a new level of development” – President Sejdiu pointed out, assuring the villagers of the region of Republic of Kosovo institutions’ support in resolving an array of issues which they face, unemployment being  among major ones.

At a meeting with Reçan villagers, Mr. Xhezair Murati recalled the continuous contribution that Bosnian dwellers of this and other surrounding municipalities have provided alongside the Albanian majority during the pre-war period and during the war, in particular, adding that they – owing to their massive turnout in elections and their engagement in all fields of life – have proved their determination to join and accept the new reality in Kosovo.

“You are as much a part Kosovo as any other part of it. You are a part of its freedom and growth” – President Sejdiu said, adding that minority communities are an indivisible part of our system. “The diversity of ethnic communities in Kosovo is an asset” – he said.

Further on, President Sejdiu referred to Republic of Kosovo’s objective to become a member of EU and NATO and to maintain a partnership with democracies that have recognised our state.

President Sejdiu also said that there is no doubt that the high rate of unemployment has not only affected the majority community, but the minority communities as well and, consequently, the Bosnian community. However, he pledged that our country’s institutions will do their utmost to alleviate the situation, adding that economic development is Kosovo’s major project.

“Kosovo is the homeland of Bosnians who live in Kosovo”, – President Sejdiu went on, pointing out that this community is a bridge of cooperation with Bosnia and Herzegovina, like other communities that are bridges of cooperation with other neighbouring countries.

Speaking of relations with neighbouring countries, President Sejdiu underlined the need to address the issues with all of them. Accordingly, he said that we may also talk with Serbia about issues of common interest to both states. “Why not talk about liberalization of boundaries? Why not talk about economic relations? Why not talk about problems related to energy? Why not talk about fight against organised crime? All these are important issues. But we will never talk about the status. Kosovo Serbs are citizens of Kosovo and equal to all others” – President Sejdiu underscored.

Municipal leaders and villagers of Reçan raised the request for creating a new municipality in their region, within the framework of decentralization process, seeing it as an opportunity for a higher development and for their direct contribution to the growth of the region in which they live.

President Sejdiu said that this is a project that is being discussed but also an issue that has to be considered with caution. Decentralisation is not about creating new pashaluks in our country, but about implementing functional projects to the benefit of our citizens – President Sejdiu said.

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