President Sejdiu received the KFOR, General Gay and his successor, General Bentler

“It is because of the professional work and the extraordinary engagement of all COMKFORs and soldiers and the commitment of Kosovo citizens that now we have peace, order and an overall stability in our country”, Republic of Kosovo’s President Sejdiu said today, in a meeting with the COMKFOR, the Italian General Giuseppe Emilio Gay, who was accompanied by his successor, the German General Markus Bentler.

President Sejdiu emphasised that KFOR is an important factor of peace, stability and security, not only in Kosovo, but in the entire region. On this occasion, he highly praised the successful work done by General Gay as a COMKFOR. On the other hand, the President congratulated General Bentler on having been entrusted the command the peacekeeping forces in Kosovo, assuring him of the full commitment of Kosovo’s institutions to further cooperation with KFOR.

On the other hand, General Gay said that KFOR has all the necessary capacities to ensure peace and safety in Kosovo, even after the downsizing of the troops in the field. He expressed his strong belief that his successor, General Bentler, will lead KFOR successfully in the period of transition i.e. downsizing of this multinational force.

On his part, General Bentler said that he felt very privileged and honoured to have been entrusted the leadership of KFOR, which, he maintained, is and will always be able to provide safety for all in Kosovo, regardless of its size.

Moreover, the meeting acknowledged the good work that is being done in consolidating the Kosovo Security Force and the crucial role of NATO experts in this process.


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