President Sejdiu and Minister Hyseni depart for New York

The President of Republic of Kosovo Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu embarked on a trip to New York today, accompanied by the Minister of Foreign Affairs Skender Hyseni. Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi, who is staying for a visit in Qatar, will join them later.

“Our main goal is to meet representatives of members of delegations and leaders of the United Nations member countries that will attend the General Assembly in New York”, President Sejdiu said at a press conference held before the departure.

“These are times of a potential debate that may take place on the draft resolution that Serbia has filed to impede our further progress – which is her objective – and to play down the unequivocal opinion given by the International Court of Justice. However, she will no succeed. On our part, we will engage in ensuring new recognitions”, President Sejdiu affirmed, expressing his belief that the trip will prove fruitful, given the previous preparations made by our institutions and supporters of Kosovo.

Hailing the recognition of the Republic of Kosovo by the Republic of Honduras yesterday, President Sejdiu said that many countries have given positive signs, that direct recognitions are due and that it is only a question of time when these countries will make the step and announce the recognition.

“New recognitions are expected. Many countries have given clear indications that they are carrying out a comprehensive review of Republic of Kosovo’s request for recognition”, the Minister of Foreign Affairs Skender Hyseni said on the other hand.


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