President Osmani’s speech at the inauguration of the Dumoshi Family plaque

Honourable participants,
Dear Dumoshi family,
Honourable members of parliament, leaders of political parties,
Associates of the Dumoshi family,
Honourable members of the “Shoqëria” Movement,
Honourable members of the Association of Political Prisoners,
Distinguished participants,
It is indeed a great honor to be among you today, in a ceremony dedicated to a woman and three men, who in difficult times do the impossible to awaken national consciousness, develop education in the Albanian language, and provide an extraordinary contribution to the fulfillment of the eternal ambition for a free Kosovo.
The plaque that we are inaugurating today bears the names of Sadije, Xhemajl, Osman and Ismail Dumoshi, located right on the house, which at that time was the center of national activity.
Today we are sealing a memory, but we are also honoring their contribution, which should serve as inspiration and motivation for each of us on how to protect the language, the nation and the homeland.
This plaque and this tribute show us that the history of our movement for freedom and independence is early.
Sadia in defense of the right of her sons to learn the Albanian language, Xhemajli, Osmani and Ismaili in their commitment to emancipation, education, freedom and the Republic constitute a significant part of the contributors to our freedom and independence.
In the November of national holidays, in the glorious November, honoring them is recalling the historical events that preceded the realization of our dream for a state.
The demonstrations of 1968 were just the beginning of our long and difficult road to articulating our demands for the Republic of Kosovo. In this house, Ismail Dumoshi and many, many other activists commenced the battle for the Republic of Kosovo, the dream of that time, the reality of today.
Their engagement, but also that of many other activists, led to the fact that on October 6, 1968, the then Yugoslav regime allowed the use of the national flag, with which our people carried out all the effort and struggle for the independence and state of Kosovo.
In the annals of our history, the Dumoshi family is considered among the main contributors, initiators and leaders of the 1968 demonstrations in Pristina and beyond. Their effort for the development of Albanian language education and for national awareness has left a visible mark. Ismaili and his whole family considered education the main pillar of our national consciousness.
Due to this approach and this engagement, the idea of the Republic of Kosovo was carried from generation to generation, from 1968 to 1981 and 1997, with the public appearance of the KLA along the resistance led by the historical President, Ibrahim Rugova, to the construction of alliances on his part throughout the war of the Kosovo Liberation Army during the 90s led by commander Adem Jashari and finally received the stamp in 2008 with the declaration of Kosovo as an independent and sovereign state.
Therefore, in this November we bow to the activity of the Dumoshi family, as well as the activity of many other patriots, with whose sacrifice today we are a free people among other free peoples.
Kosovo today is finally a Republic, it is a free country, while the memory of the Dumoshi family and other patriots of the national movement will be eternal!
Thank you!

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