President Osmani's address at the KSF recruit certification ceremony

Highly respected soldiers, recruits in the first place,
Non-commissioned officers and officers of the armed forces of our beloved army,
Dear family members who are proud today of the achievements of your sons and daughters,
Honourable Prime Minister of the Republic, Mr. Kurti!
Honourable Minister of Defense, Mr. Mehaj!
Honourable KSF Commander, Mr. Rama!
Honourable Brigadier General Irfete Spahiu

And all of you present,

Today is a special day for our army but also for our state as 180 new recruits are being certified. Hence, from today onward the KSF strengthens its ranks and demonstrates the commitment of girls and boys, who from today take on new responsibilities upon themselves.

From today our state is even stronger. These 180 recruits, already soldiers of the state of Kosovo, of our independent and sovereign state with the inviolable territory, prepared and ready to defend the homeland whenever the need arises.

As the supreme commander of the Kosovo Security Force, I am extremely proud to see each day the soaring progress of the KSF, our army, which is not only our guarantee but also a professionally trained partner alongside our strategic allies in service to peace, wherever the peace may be endangered.

Today I feel especially proud when I see that among the 180 recruits are also 12 female soldiers as equal opportunities within our army are strong evidence of the advancement of the Force. Our history is full of brave women, who showed themselves not only in the war, but even today as they wear the uniform of our army and their number must increase even more.

Opening the KSF to girls and women is not only a necessity but also a must. Therefore, I am confident that with these young soldiers, the KSF will continue to expand operational capacity and will be interactive with our strategic partners.

Distinguished guests,

The future is guaranteed by building it, therefore with today's certification, the base of our Armed Forces respectively of the Republic of Kosovo is expanding.

You are here today to face the challenges, so the increase of professionalism is an uninterrupted process and a precondition for the security and stability of the state.

Our strength is in the function of protecting the sovereignty and inviolability of the territory of our Republic, as well as of our alliance with partners in the service of peace.

Our soldiers will be wherever our interests are at stake, but also those of our American and European allies and beyond.

As you know, the KSF is in the process of transformation and achieving Full Operational Capacities. Therefore, in this context, I have no doubt that the tactical-physical and operational training of the soldiers of the Force is and will be at a high level and in accordance with the required standards.

Honourable soldiers, you must keep in your mind the fact that today you are soldiers of a Republic for which a lot of blood has been shed, a lot has been sacrificed for the uniforms you wear today. Therefore carry them with the greatest pride for a future that we hope will be the future of our Republic within the North Atlantic Alliance – NATO. In the army of nations, we will be dignifiedly represented by each of you with professionalism, raising high the flag and honour of the state of Kosovo.

I wish you all success in your carrier in the Kosovo Army. I wish you to carry out of the implementation of tasks with professionalism, integrity and honesty. I have full confidence that you will engage with dedication and responsibility in fulfilling your mission!

God bless you!
God bless our armed forces!
God bless our Republic!
Thank you!        

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