President Osmani's address at the certification ceremony of 257 KSF recruits

Honourable Minister of Defense Mr. Mehaj,
Honourable KSF Deputy Commander General Cikaqi,
Honourable Brigadier General Irfete Spahiu,
Honourable recruits, soldiers, non-commissioned officers and officers of our Army,
Dear family members of the recruits who make us all proud today,
Distinguished guests,
Dear representatives of NALT and our partners,

In a time period of only a few months I am among you again for the certification ceremony of 257 new recruits. It honours me and makes me proud that our army is increasing its ranks with young girls and boys who are transforming patriotism into professionalism.

You are living each day more and more the dream of the generations that, in addition to the state, also wanted to have an army that will be in function of the protection of the country and in the function of the protection of the territorial integrity of every corner of our Kosovo.

Just as the boys and girls of the KLA once carried on their shoulders the ideal of our freedom, today you carry on your shoulders the idea of ​​protecting the freedom, territorial integrity and sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo.

For nine weeks of training, the recruits who are being certified today have demonstrated skill, preparation and professionalism, led by our army's skilled instructors. 

Today, 257 certified recruits are joining KSF, girls and boys with whom our Force is increasing the number of its members to over 3000.

The KSF has an equal opportunity policy, so I encourage girls and women to become part of our army as much as possible. The success demonstrated in many other areas they have the opportunity to show by wearing the KSF uniform.

With this number of recruits, the KSF is increasingly developing in accordance with professional standards and in line with the practices of the most modern armies in the world.

This shows that the present and the future of our country are in safe hands, as the KSF is moving with confident steps towards the end of the transition phase.

At a time when global peace is increasingly being challenged and authoritarian tendencies are emerging, strengthening our defense capabilities is a necessity.

I have faith in the professionalism of our soldiers and I am sure that these recruits that we have ahead and others who have passed this way before are ready whenever they become defenders of our Republic.

Russia's aggression these days shows that there will always be forces that want to destroy peace and want to violate the freedom and right of nations to live free. We have experienced the same thing before, therefore, we will never stop preparing our army as much as possible, to increase its numbers o that it is ready not only for the security of our state, but also a partner of NATO allied armies, an alliance which Republic of Kosovo intends to join o.

NATO membership is a necessity and contributes to regional peace and stability.

The KSF is becoming more and more a professional military force and interacting with NATO forces, thanks to the persistence of its members and permanent support from the country's institutions but also from our western allies, most of all from the United States.

Therefore, a special thanks to the US and all our allies who are helping to increase the professionalism of the KSF and increase its capacity!

Dear recruits and soldiers,

Today your professional career is taking on a new direction. You are not who you were yesterday, but you have become who you will have to be tomorrow. Ready to respond to any situation, motivated and committed whenever the homeland needs you.

Your task is not easy, but it is as great as it is noble. There is no greater honor in life than to become a defender of the homeland. I have full confidence in your training, as I believe that your engagement in the army will have a permanent reference: homeland above all!

Distinguished certified recruits, with you today we are not only increasing the number of our army effectives, but also the security and guarantee for a better present and future.

Our eyes today are on you. Our hope depends on you. Our goal is peace and we must not allow it to be violated by anyone.

Our goal is the EU, NATO and other international organizations, where Kosovo deserves to be and which further strengthens the international subjectivity of our country, along with strengthening of the defense and security component.

In the capacity of the Supreme Commander of this army, I thank you dear recruits, all your instructors, the command structure of the KSF and your families who have honored you and the whole country by supporting you at every step and you will serve the state as well at every step with the work you will do.

I expect from you maximum commitment and engagement in fulfilling the responsibilities arising from your noble mission in defense of the homeland!
God bless the Kosovo Security Force!
God bless our Republic!

Thank you!

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