President Osmani received at a meeting the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani received today at a meeting the President of the European Commission Ursula von der Leyen.

President Osmani pointed out at a meeting with President Von der Leyen that Kosovo’s path ahead is clear and that its future lies in the European Union. In relation to the integration process, President Osmani stressed that the EU should have a clear strategy for the integration of the Western Balkans, which also includes Kosovo.

Delays in this process, according to President Osmani, erode the EU credibility

President Osmani, at the meeting with the President of the EC reiterated that Kosovo has already met all the criteria for visa liberalization and thus asked the EU to keep its promises given to Kosovo and that EU member states should respect the recommendation made by the European Commission. President Osmani and President Von der Leyen discussed the support that the Republic of Kosovo will receive from the European Union within the framework of the Economic and Investment Plan in the context of investments in education, sustainable development, economic growth, and the empowerment of young people and women.

The current political situation in the country was also discussed at the meeting, with special emphasis on the situation in the north of the country, where the implementation of the license plate reciprocity with Serbia has started several days ago, as a measure for equal treatment of the parties.

President Osmani stressed that Kosovo is only fulfilling a legal aspect and that there is no tendency on the part of Kosovo to add tension to the security situation. On the contrary, according to President Osmani such a tendency is openly manifested by the Serbian side which, influenced by Russian circles, is trying to cause destabilization in the entire Balkan region. For this reason, President Osmani has asked that the entire international community condemn Serbia's tendencies for destabilization. Meanwhile, regarding the dialogue process with Serbia, President Osmani stressed that Kosovo is a constructive party and that should conclude with mutual recognition, as the only solution for lasting peace in the region.

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