President Osmani received Alicia Kearns, Member of Parliament and Chair of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee of the Parliament of the United Kingdom

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, received yesterday the member of the Parliament of the United Kingdom Alicia Kearns, at the same time the chairperson of the Foreign Affairs Select Committee of the Parliament of the United Kingdom. Kearns is on a visit to Kosovo at the invitation of President Osmani.

At the meeting, President Osmani expressed her appreciation and gratitude to the British MP Alicia Kearns for her extraordinary support to Kosovo and its people. She also expressed deep gratitude for her continuous commitment to raising awareness of the dangers and challenges faced by Kosovo and the entire Western Balkans.

The meeting with MP Kearns focused on the political and security developments in Kosovo, following the terrorist attack and Serbia’s act of aggression against Kosovo, on September 24.

President Osmani informed the British MP of the challenges that Kosovo is facing and emphasized the importance of unified international efforts to oppose such acts of terrorism and aggression in the function of not only the safety of the citizens of Kosovo but also regional stability and beyond.

In this context, President Osmani emphasized that the investigations carried out so far by the local authorities, while the investigations by the international partners continue, prove that Serbia is behind the attack of September 24th in Banjska, Zveçan, and asked for punitive measures to be taken against Serbia.

Furthermore, President Osmani said that MP Kearns has constantly shown her commitment to supporting Kosovo in its affirmation of the truth and thanked her on behalf of the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

“Alicia Kearns MP is an outstanding advocate for Kosovo, and we expect that her commitment will be furthermore in the function of presenting the real situation here, relying on arguments and facts, as she always does,” emphasized President Osmani.

MP Kearns thanked President Osmani for the invitation and emphasized her personal commitment to continue supporting Kosovo, but also the commitment of the United Kingdom to work closely in promoting peace, stability and prosperity.

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