President Osmani met with the KSF Commander-in-Chief of the KSF, Lieutenant General Bashkim Jashari and members of the General Staff

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, at the same time supreme commander of the KSF, visited today the Kosovo Security Force where she met with the KSF Commander-in-Chief, Lieutenant General Bashkim Jashari and members of the General Staff of the KSF.

During the meeting, President Osmani was informed about the achievements and preparations of the KSF to carry out their mission in order to protect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the Republic of Kosovo.

After meeting with Lieutenant General Jashari and members of the KSF General Staff, President Osmani stated that with the help of international partners, especially the US, the KSF has completed the first three-year transition phase and is successfully completing the first year of the second phase of the Comprehensive Transition Plan, becoming more and more a professional military force and interacting with NATO forces.

According to President Osmani, within the Comprehensive Transition Plan, the focus of the KSF is to create operational capabilities and capacities to fulfil the main legal task of protecting the independence, territorial integrity and state sovereignty of the Republic of Kosovo.

“Our army is ready not only for the security of our state but also to become part of international missions alongside our partners, such as the United States. As global peace is increasingly challenged, strengthening our defense capabilities is a necessity. “I have faith in the professionalism of the girls and boys of our army,” said President Osmani.

The Supreme Commander emphasized that the KSF is in the throes of intensive preparations for effective participation in the largest exercise of American forces in Europe “Defender Europe 2023”, with over 1 thousand troops, which validates 2 regiments of the KSF, as bodies ready for the execution of constitutional duties and for international operations.

After the meeting with the KSF Commander, President Osmani had lunch with cadets, soldiers, non-commissioned officers and KSF officers.

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