President Osmani held a number of meetings at the National Security Council and at the US State Department

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Dr. Vjosa Osmani met with officials of the United States National Security Council as well as with the State Department officials. At the White House Security Council, President Osmani met with Deputy National Security Adviser Jonathan Finer, the Council's Senior Director for Europe Amanda Sloat, as well as with the director for the Balkans and Central Europe at the National Security Council, Dr. Robin Brooks.

President Osmani stressed the importance of strong Kosovo-US relations and the need for continued commitment to further harmonization of the common strategic priorities in strengthening the rule of law and in ensuring lasting peace and security in our region. President Osmani also pointed out the importance of this several-decade-long alliance and the positive impact it has had on the citizens of Kosovo, adding that Kosovo's successes came as a result of the strong will and resilience of its people, but also due to significant US investment and its commitment to democracy.

Security Council officials stated that the US President is personally committed to Kosovo and that Kosovo has strong support from President Biden's administration. They expressed their deep gratitude to the Republic of Kosovo for hosting the Afghans and for being the first country in the world to do so.
President Osmani also met with Assistant Secretary of State Karen Donfried and Deputy Assistant Secretary of State Dereck Hogan.

At the meeting, both sides praised the Kosovo-US relations and the deep partnership between the two countries. President Osmani emphasized that Kosovo remains one of the main successes of US foreign policy. Always guided by the values​​and principles promoted by the US, she confirmed that the institutions of the country are committed to promoting the rule of law, protecting and advancing democracy and economic development, which will create a perspective for the citizens of Kosovo.

Furthermore, President Osmani said that recent developments in the region, particularly potentiating Serbia's destabilizing tendencies and also the increasingly dangerous presence of both Russia and China. In this regard, she called for US support in combating this dangerous influence and engagement to maintain peace and stability in the region. Furthermore, the President stressed Kosovo's full dedication for active engagement in the Kosovo-Serbia dialogue, which, as stated by President Biden, should be focused on mutual recognition.

President Osmani stressed that the Euro-Atlantic future of Kosovo remains a strategic objective and added that in this regard Kosovo again needs US support in the consolidation of its statehood and international subjectivity of the Republic.

She received confirmation of the unwavering support of the US and active commitment to achieving common goals.

In the course of today's meetings, President Osmani will also meet with the Undersecretary of State Ms. Victoria Nuland as well as with other US Department of State officials.

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