President Osmani: Forcibly disappeared are our call for justice, Meja, the great pain of Kosovo

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani, on the National Day of the Missing, which coincides with the date of the Meja Massacre, emphasized that this Day is a remembrance, anticipation and anxiety for the family and the state of Kosovo.

“There are over 1600 forcibly disappeared, our call for justice, which will be put in place when the perpetrators of crimes will appear before it and the fate of each of our people will be revealed. We want and will insist on knowing their fate.

This day makes us turn our heads back not only to remember those who are not among us, but also to say strongly that for them it is not just another day, but every day. “With the memory of them, we will undertake efforts every single day to end the waiting of families”, stressed President Osmani.

According to her, the forces of the genocidal regime have committed many other monstrous crimes in Kosovo, and among the most horrible is the Meja Massacre at which 376 Albanian boys and men were barbarically killed.

“The aim of the Serbian genocidal regime was ethnic cleansing, hence the criminal action spread to 15 villages of Reka e Keqe and Çarragoja Valley in Gjakova. Meja is the great pain of Kosovo and one of the bloodiest stories of the war. We will never forget it, because only in this way will we know the value of freedom and the state. We will always remember the martyrs of Meja, constantly committing ourselves to bring the perpetrators to justice”, President Osmani emphasized in the commemoration of the Meja Massacre. 

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