President Osmani at the meeting with Secretary General Stoltenberg: The relationship of Kosovo with NATO is eternal

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, was received today in a meeting by the NATO Secretary General, Jens Stoltenberg, at the NATO headquarters. The meeting addressed security developments in the country and various issues of common interest, as well as the need for continuation and deepening of cooperation.

In the meeting, President Osmani expressed her profound gratitude for NATO’s enormous contribution to the freedom and security of the people of Kosovo, as well as for maintaining peace in the region. In this spirit, President Osmani reiterated the steadfast commitment of Kosovo’s institutions to continue cooperation with our allies in NATO and the KFOR mission in joint efforts for long-term peace and security.

The meeting also discussed the security challenges facing the region and our continent as a result of Russia’s aggression against Ukraine and its people, including destabilizing efforts through its satellites in our region. In this regard, President Osmani emphasized that Kosovo continues to stay on the right side of history, coordinating its foreign and security policy with its allies, and supporting the people of Ukraine.

Regarding the recent security developments in the region, including violent attacks in the north of the country by criminal groups supported by Belgrade against NATO forces, Kosovo Police, citizens and journalists, the President stressed the need for accountability for these attacks to prevent their repetition, while she emphasized that Serbia, through its destabilizing efforts, continues to intimidate and threaten the Kosovo Serb citizens, including Serbian police officers of the Kosovo Police and other institutions.

Regarding Kosovo’s membership in NATO and inclusion in the Partnership for Peace Programme, President Osmani underlined the strategic importance in this regard. She called for creativity and flexibility to facilitate Kosovo’s integration into the Partnership for Peace Programme as an added value towards full NATO membership.

In conclusion, President Osmani reaffirmed Kosovo’s commitment to peace, stability and cooperation with NATO and its allies. She emphasized the need for joint efforts to address security challenges in the region and ensure a secure future for Kosovo and the region in general.

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