President Nicola Sarkozy and King Gustaf congratulated President Sejdiu

The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu has received a letter of congratulations on the second anniversary of Republic of Kosovo’s independence from the President of Republic of France, Mr. Nicola Sarkozy, and the King of Sweden, Carl Gustaf.

Sarkozy’s letter to the President reads:

Mr. President,

On my personal behalf and on behalf of the French people, I wish to convey to you my warmest congratulation on the occasion of your National Day and the second anniversary of your independence.

I am very pleased with the progress that Kosovo has made during the last year, in both international and domestic arenas. The further international recognition and accession to prestigious international financial institutions mirror the irreversible character of Kosovo’s independence.

Diplomatic relations that you have established with your neighbors, with the exception Serbia, enable you to play a greater role in the region. Your leadership has also made substantial headway in providing more room to all the communities in the new and dynamic Kosovar democracy. The last elections serve as an expressive example.

I remain fully confident, Mr. President, that you will keep on conveying a message for openness and dialogue, which is crucial to building peace in the region and to strengthening the relations between the communities of your country.

I also count on your resoluteness in facing economic and social challenges that Kosovo, like the entire Europe, is facing.

France will continue to act so that the entire Western Balkans, including Kosovo, joins the European Union as soon as possible. You can count on our unreserved support.

You are kindly asked, Mr. President, to accept assurances of my highest consideration.

Nicolas Sarkozy

President of Republic of France


Whereas the letter extended by the King of Sweden Carl Gustaf reads:

His Excellency, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu,

President of Republic of Kosovo

On the occasion of the National Day of Republic of Kosovo, I wish to convey my best wishes to Your Excellency for the prosperity of the people of Kosovo.

Carl Gustaf,
King of Sweden

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