President Jahjaga’s speech at the laying of the foundation stone of the Peaediatric – Surgical Hospital, donation of the United Arab Emirates

Today is a day of great importance for Kosovo’s healthcare in general and in particular to healthcare of our children. Today, we mark a turning point in services we offer to them, in order to guarantee them a healthy life, and no doubt, a brighter future.

Honourable Minister of State, Dr. Maitha Salem Al-Shamsi, Special Representative of her Highness Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak,
Honourable Ambassador Hafsa Al Ulama,
Honourable Maha Barakat, Director of the Abu Dhabi Health Authority,
Honourable Minister Rrahmani,
Honourable Minister Agani
Honourable Professors, Doctors and Nurses,
Honourable Ladies and Gentlemen,
Honourable participants,

Today is a day of great importance for Kosovo’s healthcare in general and in particular to healthcare of our children. Today, we mark a turning point in services we offer to them, in order to guarantee them a healthy life, and no doubt, a brighter future.

We all take pride in the fact that Kosovo has the youngest population in Europe, but unfortunately, Kosovo has still got a high mortality rate of babies and children. Very often we hear the bitter news of children and youth touched by different grave illnesses which we are not able to treat here in our country. We have the created the fund for treatment abroad, but unfortunately this fund is not sufficient and does not cover all the needs of the citizens of Kosovo.

Being aware of the situation and of the inability to, with our limited budget, build the needed capacities and infrastructure for offering of healthcare services; after many visits to the UCCK clinics, It was clear to me that we had to ask for help our friends, partners and allies who stood by us during the hardest of times.

One of our amicable countries, which provided a very valuable contribution to the citizens of Kosovo in the field of healthcare is the United Arab Emirates, so without hesitation, not only in the capacity of the President of Kosovo, but as a woman to woman, I asked for help from Sheikha Fatima Bint Mubarak, Queen of the United Arab Emirates, in order to build a paediatric hospital in Kosovo. This hospital, the foundations of which we are lying today together, which symbolizes strong friendship between our states and nations.

Queen Sheikha Fatima, a great humanitarian who has paid special attention to the welfare of children and mothers not only in her countries but also in many countries around the world, without hesitation expressed her readiness to support my request to offer the children of Kosovo an opportunity for access to specialised healthcare services. 

After a series of meetings of experts and many visits, on April 27th of last year during a visit I has in Abu Dhabi, I signed the agreement for building of a Hospital offering all encompassing Paediatric and Surgical services here at UCCK.

This will make Kosovo have the most advanced paediatric and paediatric surgery in the region.

No doubt, this is one of the most important agreements signed, as it also marks the greatest donation in healthcare sector, and by guaranteeing to the younger generation, our future- to our children, opportunities for a better life. But above all, to save lives.

Drafting of this project has included expert teams, part of the Steering Committee of the United Arab Emirates and Republic of Kosovo, and realization of this project, expected to be concluded by 2018, will be managed by the Abu Dhabi Health Authority, under supervision of German Company ICME.

Today, I am very happy that the donation of 22 million Euros will be used for building of this hospital, for supplying with bed and all the necessities, including the most advanced medical technology equipment, which will help in earliest possible diagnosing of illnesses and their most efficient treatment.

This hospital will include among others, paediatric surgery, oncology and neonatology, will be one of the most modern hospitals, with most advanced equipment and with dedicated and professionally trained staff.

By building the hospital at this space, very close to the Gynaecology and Paediatric clinics, we aim to offer at a single spot, all the paediatric services, form the very first moments of their lives, with lots of professionalism, care and love.

Lying of the foundations of this Hospital for all inclusive Paediatric and Surgical services, marks a very important step in expansion and further strengthening of the cooperation and friendship between Republic of Kosovo and United Arab Emirates, between the institutions and people of both countries.

Today, when the United Arab Emirates are marking the International Mother’s Day, we are laying the foundations of a hospital which is a gift to the children and mother’s of Kosovo from the queen of this country, Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak.

There is no better symbolism in marking this day and I am fully convinced that there will be no greater cordial gratitude for Sheikha Fatima than to see this hospital, where children of Kosovo, are offered care and good professional services for a better and healthier life.

Institutions and citizens of Kosovo will be eternally grateful to the Queen of the United Arab Emirates, Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak for this generous donation. I will be forever grateful to the Queen Mother Sheikha Fatima bint Mubarak, my great friend, as her own nation calls her, for the generosity she has shown.

I would like to express my deep gratitude and appreciation to our amicable country- United Arab Emirates, to the Minister of State, Maitha Al Shamsi, to the Ambassador Hafsa Abdullah Mohammed Sharif Al Ulama, to the team of experts who have with greatest dedication worked on realization of this project, so important to Kosovo’s healthcare, lead by Dr. Barakat and under the management of Her Highness.

For a better tomorrow of the country, we must today invest in the health of our children, as the future belongs to them.

God bless Her Highness,
God bless our countries and our people,
Thank you. 

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