President Jahjaga received the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Hoyt Yee

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State, Mr. Hoyt Yee.

President Jahjaga and Mr. Yee discussed the actual developments in Kosovo, the dialogue process on normalisation of relations between Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia, the process of European integrations of the Balkan region and international consolidation of the state of Kosovo.

President Jahjaga wished a warm welcome to the US Deputy Assistant Secretary of State and praised the excellent relations with the USA in all relevant fields and emphasized the importance of the support of the USA for the democratic developments in Kosovo. She also added that the continuation of the US presence in Kosovo and the region is of an particular importance for the future of the country and peace and stability in the South-Eastern Europe.
Praising the intensity of relations between countries of the South Eastern Europe in the recent years, President Jahjaga said that important steps in this plain have been achieved in particular through the dialogue process between Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia, facilitated by EU.
President Jahjaga also emphasized that dialogue process has produced results through achievement of agreements which must be implemented in full .She also stated that holding of municipal elections, in the northern part of the country as well, forms a part of this agreement, elections which she classified as generally free and fair, in which citizens had the opportunity to vote for their legal and legitimate representatives.

Madam President also said that citizens of Serbian community, those in the north of the country as well, are making use of their constitutional and legal right and with this the process of their integration into the institutions and the society of Kosovo is being concluded. President Jahjaga emphasized that implementation of agreements reached in Brussels which lead towards full normalisation of agreements between the two states, must be closely supervised, as this will pave the way towards integrations for both countries.

Madam President said that the dialogue between the two countries must be concluded by signing of a legal agreement which will enable Kosovo and Serbia to continue their respective journey towards EU by not blocking each other on the way. She also said that full normalisation of relations must be achieved prior to conclusion of membership processes of Kosovo and Serbia into EU.

President Jahjaga emphasized that US presence inside the dialogue process, side by side with the current facilitator, the EU, as well as any other processes is necessary for Kosovo.

US Deputy Assistant State Secretary, Mr. Hoyt Yee, on the other hand, praised the achievements of Kosovo and stated that USA will continue to help Kosovo in the processes it is going thorough and that Kosovo must continue to work on democratisation of the country and expand its internal reforms. He also added that USA wants to see Kosovo and the whole Balkan region as part of EU.

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