President Jahjaga received the Foreign Affairs Minister of Italy, Mr. Paolo Gentiloni

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting the Minister of Foreign Affairs of the Republic of Italy, Mr. Paolo Gentiloni. President Jahjaga and Minister Gentiloni discussed the general developments in Kosovo and in the region, the European agenda of the Republic of Kosovo, Kosovo’s membership process in international organisations and expansion of the economic cooperation between two countries.

President Jahjaga praised the relations between Kosovo and Italy and pointed out the importance of the support of the Italian government to the democratic processes of our country, especially for those of Kosovo’s European path and the visa liberalisation process for the citizens of Kosovo.

Madam President stated that Kosovo has made an important step ahead with the establishment of the contractual relations with European Union, through the Stabilisation-Association Agreement. President Jahjaga also said that this agreement will help the economic advancement of the country and will deepen the political dialogue between Kosovo and European Union. Madam President also said that she has welcomed the approval of the positive report on visas by European Commission and expressed the determination of the institutions of Kosovo to fulfil as quickly as possible the remaining technical obligations in order for this process to move forward successfully with member states.

Madam President also discussed with Minister Gentiloni the EU facilitated dialogue between Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia, and pointed out that the success of this process will depend on the implementation of agreements and conditioning of Serbia’s advancement on its EU membership by the disbanding of parallel illegal structures from Belgrade which operate illegally in Kosovo.

Foreign Affairs Minister of the Republic of Italy, Mr. Gentiloni, pointed out that his country will continue to support Kosovo, on its European path and its membership in international organizations. He also emphasized the importance of the overcoming of all internal disagreements and praised the role of President Jahjaga in dialogue between the political parties in the Parliament. Minister Gentiloni also stated that there is great potential in economic cooperation between two countries and Kosovo’s sector reforms make this cooperation easier.


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