President Jahjaga received the artist Alketa Xhafa – Mripaand theproducent Anna Di Lellio

The President the Republic of Kosovo Madam AtifeteJahjaga received theartist AlketaXhafa-Mripa and producer Anna Di Lilellio, to launch the artistic installation “Thinking of you” which is dedicated to women victims of sexual violence during the war.

President Jahjaga praised artist Xhafa-Mripa for this initiative which aims to raise the social awareness about thevictims of sexual violence during war.

President Jahjaga donated thefirst dress which will begin thenationwide campaign, noting that with this artistic work we express our solidarity as a society and the generous support to our heroines, women victims of sexual violence during the war.

She said that this work is also a message to the whole world about the innocence of these victims that the shame is not on them but on the criminals who committed these cruel acts. She said that such initiatives which aim to recognize and honor the sacrifice of every citizenofKosovo, contribute to the construction of our new history as a country.

President Jahjaga expressed her confidence that the entire society will support the realization of this artistic work to show our solidarityto the victims of sexual violence during the war.

The artistAlketaXhafa-Mripa thanked President Jahjaga for the unsparing support expressing that with this installation she aims to portray the innocence of the women who have been victims and now need the recognition and the support of the entire society.

The installation shall be executed putting thousands of women dresses and skirts on clothes hangers in the field of the stadium of Pristina. The skirts and dresses will be collected throughout the country at organized events with the support of non-governmental organizations.  Every donated skirt and dress will become part of the installation.

This installation is part of the awareness campaign organized by the National Council for theSurvivors of Sexual Violence duringthe War

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