President Jahjaga praises the NATO decision on Kosovo Security Force

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, has welcomed and praised the decision of the North-Atlantic Treaty Organisation, to declare that Kosovo Security Force has reached full operational capacities.

The statement issued by the President states:

NATO’s decision to declare the achievement of full operational capacities of the Kosovo Security Force marks a new success of this force and of the all encompassing endeavours of the citizens and institutions of Kosovo towards building of a prosperous state and accomplishment of the vision for a sustainable force with a clear vision.

Kosovo Security Force contains in itself our ambition to create an accomplished security infrastructure, in compliance with the needs of the Republic of Kosovo, a force responsible enough to provide help to all its citizens, regardless. It unshaken dedication to its mission towards a democratic and peaceful Kosovo has ranked KSF among the most trusted institutions of the Republic of Kosovo, a success crowned today by the NATO decision.

On this important day for the KSF and the Republic of Kosovo, I would like to express my particular gratitude to the KSF Officers, NATO and its peace keeping force in Kosovo as well as the American National Guard for supervision and concrete  support they have to the Kosovo Security Force, in order for KSF to accomplish all its tasks. In the foreseeable future we expect the Republic of Kosovo becomes part of the Partnership for Peace and a NATO member, with full rights.

On our Euro-Atlantic integration, KSF will be an important mechanism for the implementation of the policies of emergency management and security of the country as well as a contribution of the Republic of Kosovo to the joint missions with our strategic international partners.

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