President Jahjaga participates at “Forum 2000” of Vaclav Havel in Prague

(In this forum, the President is invited as a panelist).

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Madam Atifete Jahjaga traveled to Prague, the capital of the Czech Republic, at the invitation of former Czech president, Vaclav Havel, to participate in the three-day proceedings of the “Forum 2000”.

President Jahjaga is invited to participate in this forum where she will hold a speech and will participate in the debate on the topics which will be treated in this forum, which are Perspectives of democracy and rule of law in the XXI century, Rule of law and the global economic performance, Democracy and rule of law – legality and legitimacy, Development and good governance, Business and corruption, Modern organized crime, etc.

In the proceedings of this Forum, in which the President of the Republic of Kosovo is invited as a panelist, well known personalities and experts of specific fields will participate, among them Vaclav Havel, Eli Vizel, Nobel Prize laureate, Joseph Stiglic, Nobel Prize laureate for economics, Jacques Rupnik, well known political scientist, Adam Mihnik, publicist Mikhail Saakashvili, the President of Georgia and other personalities.

Although the President’s program is not a state program, the President has decided to lay a bouquet of flowers on the monument of Jan Palach, the Czech student who was sacrificed by public burning, becoming so symbol of the Prague Spring as a symbol of the anticommunist movement and the efforts for liberation and for the establishment of democracy in many countries of Europe.

From the Czech press, it is understood that during the three days proceedings of the “Forum 2000”, a protest will be organize against the coming of the President of the Republic of Kosovo and against the independence of Kosovo. The organizer of this protest is Jaroslav Foldyna, of the Czech Social Democratic Party, along with the organization of Serbian friends in the Czech Republic.

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