President Jahjaga met with the Heads of the Security Mechanisms of Kosovo

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, met with the Heads of the Security Institutions of Kosovo to discuss the threat by the extremism and radicalism in the country and the measures undertaken by these institutions to prevent and combat this unacceptable phenomenon.

While commending the work of these mechanisms and their contribution to the national security, President Jahjaga requested from the leaders of the security institutions to treat with priority and in coordination this threat to the security of Kosovo, of the region and beyond, in cooperation with our strategic partners, in order to prevent Kosovo becoming an exporter of this global threat.

President Jahjaga emphasized that Kosovo will not allow in any given moment to become a source of extremism and a shelter for criminals who incite terror and hatred. She asked all citizens of Kosovo and all religious communities to cooperate with local authorities and security mechanisms in order to penaly prosecute these individuals behind the attempts to destabilize Kosovo and its long tradition of religious harmony.

It is our responsibility, as institutions and as a society, to condemn these awful phenomena. We must distance ourselves from these heinous acts of these criminals, we must denounce them and treat them as such. 

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