President Behgjet Pacolli waives his salary, gives it to poor families

During a visit to two families living in difficult financial conditions, one in Pristina and the other one in the village of Pojatishte in Ferizaj, the President of the Republic of Kosovo declared he would not receive his salary from the Kosovo budget and give it to families living in a difficult financial situation.

Naim Bunjaku’s family in Mustafë Hoxha Street in Pristina and Shaban Avdyli’s family in the village of Pojatishte in Ferizaj were visited by President Pacolli today, who communicated them the news that he had decided to divide the salary from the Kosovo budget allocated for him as President proportionally between these two families and eight other families living in difficult social conditions.

Following the visit to Naim Bunjaku’s family, President Pacolli said there were many other families in Kosovo who shared the same fate.

“I was here today to encourage them not to lose their hope. Kosovo is doing all it can to ensure an economic growth, to provide better opportunities for families that need support. I will set aside the one-tenth of my salary to them and my monthly salary will go to ten families. It will be divided proportionally and this family is only one of the beneficiaries. This is what I can do. I cannot take money from institutions and share it. This is the money paid for my work and I will share it”, President Pacolli emphasised.

On his part, the family head Naim Bunjaku thanked President Pacolli for his visit and assistance dedicated to his family.

Speaking after the visit to Shaban Avdyli’s family in Pojatishte, Ferizaj, President Pacolli said he would do his utmost to help these families.

“I am leaving this family with a feeling of extreme bitterness about their situation. I feel sorry for them. My heart is breaking. I will do whatever I can for these families.

I will not receive the salary from the Kosovo budget and I will divide it proportionally between these families, but this will be too little to change the situation in Kosovo. The situation in Kosovo can only be changed by an earnest engagement and work, night and day. We are late. We must grow economically and provide new opportunities to the people, because the situation is alarming, and I can tell you that I feel very, very angry today”, President Pacolli said.

“Of course, I will do all I can. Maybe sometimes I will step beyond limitations envisaged for my position, in order to help the people, to be on their side, to sensitise the people to the need for economic growth and earnest engagement. Accordingly, this is where I want to appeal to anyone who can to help his fellow citizens. I want to address the same message to the institutions of Kosovo, to the representatives of institutions of Kosovo, to work in a dignified manner, in earnest, properly and with a good will, so as to help change the current situation in Kosovo”, the President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli said.

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