The Preparatory Team has consultations with the family members of the missing persons of the Serb community

Gracanica, March 12, 2019 – The Preparatory Team for the Establishment of the Truth and Reconciliation Commission has started to hold public consultations with the most vulnerable groups of the Kosovo society since the post war period.

Consultation with the family members of civilian victims and family members of missing persons from the Serb community is well received and accepted as a very necessary initiative.

Although pain and concern were present at the consultative meeting held in Gracanica, the family members expressed their readiness to cooperate with the Preparatory Team and gave their proposals regarding the commission expected to be established.

The panelists of this public consultation, Ardian Arifaj and Abdullah Ferizi, explained to the participants the experiences of other countries and the aims of the Preparatory Team.

The participants in this consultation highly praised the initiative of the President of the Republic of Kosovo and were very active and constructive in their suggestions during the discussion with the panel.
With the establishment of this comprehensive mechanism, it is intended to hear the voices and concerns of the citizens of Kosovo, articulating them later in a normative act, under which the Truth and Reconciliation Commission will be established.

Public consultations are open to all target groups of the Preparatory Team and are a good opportunity to influence the commission to get on the right track.