Pacolli: Franca is a great friend to Kosovo

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Behgjet Pacolli received today at a meeting the French Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Jean François Fitou, with whom he had a lengthy and friendly discussion.

Having accepted Ambassador Fitou and French institutions’ congratulations on his new assignment, President Pacolli emphasized that France was a great friend to Kosovo and that so was Ambassador Fitou”.

He said Kosovo needed many friends, whom it would respect, and that it would make other friends around the world.

President Pacolli laid an emphasis on very good relations between the two countries and thanked Republic of France for its unreserved support in the past, which he hoped would be maintained in the future.

“We need French advice, so that we can learn from your experience and move on more quickly towards the large European family”, President Pacolli said.

Mentioning that Kosovo was facing a very difficult financial situation and a high rate of unemployment and that it needed a higher economic growth, President Pacolli said our country was in a dire need for economic growth and that, in that regard, Kosovo’s institutions would create a most favorable climate for attracting foreign investment.

On his part, Ambassador Jean François Fitou said France was happy that Kosovo had established institutions that would govern the state.

“Kosovo will find its place in Europe”, Ambassador Fitou said, adding that it would become a reality, as there was no other solution, and that France was ready to help Kosovo in accomplishing the mission. 

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