On the eve of the Battle of Koshare anniversary, President Osmani decorates post mortem 5 soldiers of the KLA Brigade 138 “Agim Ramadani”

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani, on the eve of the Battle of Koshare anniversary, today decorated post mortem with Presidential Medal five soldiers of KLA Brigade 138 “Agim Ramadani”.

According to the proposal of the representatives of the Brigade, for the bravery shown during the Battle of Koshare and the post-war contribution, President Osmani decorated the military servicemen: Adem Dahri, Afrim Beka, Arben Sejdiu, Faik Gashi and Skënder Rexhëahmetaj.

The decorations were awarded to the families of the fighters in the presence of the commanders of Brigade 138.

President Osmani praised the contribution of KLA fighters to the freedom and independence of the country and highlighted that the freedom of Kosovo bears the name of each of them.

“I am honoured as President to decorate on this glorious anniversary with medals five prominent fighters of the Brigade “Agim Ramadani”. Their contribution and sacrifice will be a guide for generations and an indicator of the value of the freedom we enjoy,” said President Osmani.

The family members thanked President Osmani and said that this decoration has a special value on the anniversary of the Battle of Koshare.

The manifestation dedicated to the 23rd anniversary of the Battle of Koshare is expected to take place on Saturday (9 April) under the auspices of President Osmani.   

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