President Thaçi is awarded an appreciation by the representatives of the Egyptian community in Kosovo

Prishtina, June 21st 2018 – President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, in honour of the “Egyptian week” and June 24th, Memorial Day of the Egyptian Community in Kosovo, received today a delegation of the representatives of this community, led by the Member of the Parliament of Kosovo, Veton Berisha, at the same time also the Chairman of the Egyptian Liberal Party.

Other members of the delegation of the Egyptian Community included Dr. Zahi Hawass, former minister and an archeologist in Egypt and Noureldin Eltamimy, Director of the Artistic department at the Supreme Cultural Counci.

President Thaçi stated that Kosovo’s communities are a value for Kosovo and reiterated the determination of the institutions of the state of Kosovo for the accommodation of all the communities in Kosovo.

At the same time, President Thaçi thanked the members of the Egyptian delegation and the thanked them for the recognition and the support of our country.

“Egypt is an amicable state of ours and we appreciate the support you have provided” said President Thaçi.

While thanking President Thaçi for his support to the Egyptian community in Kosovo, Member of Parliament Berisha awarded the President an appreciation for his contribution on behalf of the whole Egyptian community.

“I thank you for everything you have done for our community” said MP Berisha.

Part of the delegation were also the activist Mirlinda Hoti, Adviser to the Prime Minister of Kosovo, Isa Osmani, MLGA Deputy Minister, Bashkim Krasniqi, MEST Deputy Minister, Artan Berisha and Shemsi Kopliku, an activist in the Diaspora.