President Thaçi: Clearing up the fate of the missing softens the sufferings of all the citizens of Kosovo

Prishtina, August 30, 2016 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, on the International Day of Missing Persons, together with the representatives of the associations of missing persons in Kosovo, has honored and paid homage at the monument dedicated to the missing persons of the last war in Kosovo.

“Today is the International Day of the Missing Persons and we are here together with the associations of the missing persons of the Republic of Kosovo, their representatives, to honor and pay tribute to the missing persons”, said President Thaçi before the participants.
He said that the institutions of Kosovo are working maximally for the fate of the missing persons to be cleared up, a matter, as he said, preoccupying everyone in the country, bearers of institutions, associations, citizens, every family which is affected by this severe pain.
“Today, as President of the country, I express once again the full solidarity with the families of the missing, but at the same time also the commitment and responsibility to work even harder for the fate of the every missing person to be cleared up as soon as possible”, said President Thaçi, who added that “this is a wound that concerns us all, and I can freely say that only with hope, optimism and mutual trust this matter can be resolved with a strong will and support of the international community”.
The Head of State thanked the Government Commission for Missing Persons for the maximum commitment, patience, will and courage given to all.
“Therefore, we will heal this wound of the war only by being united, only by being in solidarity with each other, understanding each other and by working towards a cooperation, towards a faith, and in the future, of course, to build a new Kosovo, a European Kosovo, a Euro-Atlantic Kosovo”, said President Thaçi.

Whereas, Bajram Qerkini, President of the Coordination Council of the Associations of the Families of Missing Persons in Kosovo, said that “even today we will go to Merdare, we are affected by this wound. But, the words of the President, last night and today, are that these two wounds must be closed as soon as possible”.
Qerkini said that everyone at this council believes and hopes that this issue will really be taken seriously, especially after the thorough conclusions at a roundtable yesterday where, as he said, some recommendations were given that will be conveyed to all.
The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, reiterated that until this wound is healed the whole of Kosovo will suffer from this painful past for every citizen of the country, for the institutions, but first and foremost for the families. “We will always be close to them”, concluded President Thaçi.