President Thaçi calls to respect the right of everyone for return

Prishtina, August 28, 2016 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, has said that the scenes which have been seen Sunday in the village of Mushtisht are unacceptable and has called to respect the right of everyone to return to their properties.

“The scenes from the village of Mushtisht are completely unnecessary and unacceptable”, said President Thaçi, who added that “these acts are neither in the interest of Kosovo nor in the interest of its citizens”. He has repeated that it is the right of everyone to return to his property and his place of origin.

The Head of State has said that everyone has the right to return to their country of origin, to their property. “This applies for every citizen of Kosovo, regardless of ethnicity”, said President Thaçi, calling everyone to respect this right.

“The issue of the missing, the displaced, and occupied properties are open wounds from the war. We must close these wounds as soon as possible and face to the future”, said President Thaçi, who stressed that the future is in peace, dialogue and cooperation.

Adding that violence has no place in the new Kosovo, President Thaçi concluded that justice will deal with all those who have committed crimes in the past, since “justice is a prerequisite for a sincere reconciliation and for the building of a multiethnic Kosovo”.