President Sejdiu conferred the Golden Medal of Independence upon President Mesić

The President of Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu has awarded the Golden Medal of Independence to the President of Republic of Croatia, Mr. Stjepan Mesić, at a ceremony organized in the President Sejdiu’s Cabinet today.

In the beginning, President Sejdiu received President Mesić with highest state honors. Both presidents marched in front of the Ceremonial Guard and then they had a meeting, following which President Sejdiu handed over to the great friend of Kosovo, President Mesić, the high decoration which is given to Kosovo’s and foreign citizens who have provided a special contribution to the freedom and independence of Kosovo.

While handing over the award to him, President Sejdiu said that President Mesić has always supported the legitimate aims of the people of Kosovo for freedom and independence. Being the last president of the former Yugoslav Federation at the times when Serbia and Milosević had institutionalized the brutal violence against Albanians in Kosovo, Stjepan Mesiç was among the few to defend, without hesitation, our right to self-government and independence. Ever since then, President Mesiç has strongly supported Kosovo in all international institutions and forums that have discussed our country. 

“His country, Republic of Croatia, was very quick to recognize the independence of Republic of Kosovo, and the Croatian diplomacy and President Mesić in particular have provided a significant assistance in ensuring the recognition of the independence of our country by as many democracies as possible. Croatia has strongly defended the legality of independence of our country and the right of the people of Kosovo to live in freedom at the International Court of Justice recently” – President Sejdiu noted.

“In all these processes – President Sejdiu added - President Mesić played a crucial role, therefore, on behalf of the people and institutions of Kosovo, I want to express, once again, my profound appreciation for everything that he has done and is still doing for Kosovo. He also said that President Mesić has and is still proving that he is a true friend to Kosovo and that, as such, he will always be honored by the people and institutions of Republic of Kosovo.

“As President of Kosovo, it was a special privilege to have President Mesiç as a personal friend and to have worked closely with him during a very important period for Kosovo. Therefore, on this solemn occasion, I want to express my and Republic of Kosovo people’s appreciation for the extraordinary contribution that he has and is still providing to our country”, President Sejdiu said in conclusion.

In a short speech, the President of Republic of Croatia, Mr. Stjepan Mesić said that the assistance and support that he and Croatia have provided to Kosovo has constituted a valuable contribution to the stability in the entire region.

Expressing his appreciation for the award that President Sejdiu conferred upon him, President Mesić said that has received many awards over the past ten years as President of Croatia but that he would treat the award conferred upon him by he President of Kosovo, as the highest decoration which is given by the newest state in the world, with special consideration and love.