President Osmani commemorates the Massacres committed upon the Bogujevci and Duriqi Families and the Izbica Massacre: We will do the utmost to bring justice to light

The President of the Republic of Kosovo Vjosa Osmani has commemorated the 23rd anniversary of the Massacre of 16 members of the Bogujevci, Duriqi, Llugaliu and Selman Gashi families in Podujeva and the Massacre of about 150 people in Izbica of Skenderaj.
"Seven children aged 2 to 15 and seven women from the Bogujevci and Duriqi families, two members of the Llugaliu and Selman Gashi families were brutally executed by the forces of the genocidal Serbian  23 years ago. This clearly proves the organized state strategy of the Serbian criminal regime towards Albanians regardless of their age. This is best evidenced by the massacre of the same day in Izbica, where about 150 boys, men and old men were executed. We will do our best to bring justice to each of our assassinated compatriots because only in this way we will take revenge for them, but also for the survivors. "Then our freedom and independence will make sense," said President Osmani.

According to President Osmani, there are five survivors of the Podujeva Massacre.

"Saranda, Fatos, Jehona, Lirie and Genc Bogujevci are the authentic evidence of the monstrous crime. "We will always remember their families, those killed in Izbica and everywhere in Kosovo, because only through memorization of this part of history shall we much more clearly see the path ahead," said President Osmani.