President Jahjaga received Baroness Catherine Ashton

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting EU’s High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security, Baroness Catherine Ashton, with whom she disscussed the process of the implementation of the agreement reached in Brussels on normalisation of relations between Kosovo and Serbia, the municipal elections and the participation of the citizens in election process as well as representation of Kosovo in the regional and international initiatives.

Madam President praised the work, engagement and the leadership of Baroness Ashton at the dialogue process between Republic of Kosovo and Republic of Serbia and the agreement on normalisation of relations. Madam President said that Baroness Ashton’s visit to Kosovo and her meetings with the institutional representatives and those of political parties will help towards a better understanding of the importance of normalisation of relations between two states and a better future.

President Jahjaga emphasized that Kosovo has achieved considerable process in implementation of the agreement and reiterated the dedication of the institutions of the country to take upon themselves the responsibilities resulting from the agreement.

In relation to municipal elections, which will be held on the whole territory of the Republic of Kosovo at the same time, on November 3rd, Madam President said that all the necessary preparations must take place for these elections to be free, fair and democratic and to for them to be all inclusive. She also said that proper explanations must be made to the members of the Serbian community residing at the northern municipalities of the Republic of Kosovo in relation to the importance of their participation in elections and their inclusion into the society and the institutions of the country.

In relation to the Amnesty law, which has caused a degree of displeasure within the society of Kosovo, President Jahjaga said that, despite difficulties, political reconciliation with the citizens in the northern parts of the territory is of a particular importance but at the same time it must be ensured that the principles and the norms specified by the Constitution of the country must be respected.

Madam President said that by the commencement of the negotiations on the Stabilisation-Association Agreement, Kosovo has opened a new chapter in its relations with EU and emphasized the importance of the expediting of the process of the visa liberalisation which would enable the free movement of citizens of the country to EU states. She also added that Kosovo’s European perspective is clear and said that Republic of Kosovo must be represented in all regional and international initiatives on equal footing with the rest of the participating states.

EU High Representative for Foreign Policy and Security, Baroness Ashton expressed her consideration for the engagements and principled support that President Jahjaga has given to the dialogue process from the very beginning and emphasized the need for achievement of agreement between Kosovo and Serbia. Baroness Ashton also added that implementation is important as this will help the citizens of Kosovo and Serbia. Baroness Ashton also classified as important the process of the municipal elections as well as the engagements of Madam President for an all inclusive process. Baroness Ashton emphasized that the entire Balkan region has a clear European perspective.