President Jahjaga received Admiral James Stavridis

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, received today at a meeting, the Commander of the NATO South Wing, Admiral James Stavridis, currently in Kosovo at a farewell visit.

President Jahjaga highly praised the work of Admiral Stavridis during the whole length of his tenure at NATO and thanked him for his full backing and support for all the processes in Kosovo.

Madam President and Admiral Stavridis discussed the security issues in Kosovo, the agreement achieved in Brussels between Kosovo and Serbia, the continuation of presence of the NATO forces as well as establishment of a contractual agreement between Kosovo and North Atlantic Alliance.

President Jahjaga also stated that Republic of Kosovo is dedicated to the implementation of the agreement achieved on Brussels with Republic of Serbia, an agreement which leads towards normalisation of relations between two states and helps towards dissolution of the illegal and parallel structures as well as eases the lives of citizens on both sides of the border. She emphasized that it is important that Republic of Serbia implements the agreement reached in its fullness, because only in this manner we may proceed towards relaxation of relations and proceed on our journey towards European Integration.

President Jahjaga stated at this meeting that it is also important that NATO peace keeping force helps during the agreement implementation process, by means of providing security for all the citizens residing in the northern parts of the territory of the Republic of Kosovo and by offering of a peaceful and secure environment.

Madam President continued to say that NATO peace keeping forces are continuing to play a very important role in security of our country and that partnership with KFOR and North Atlantic Alliance is more than necessary. President Jahjaga stated that Republic of Kosovo sees its future in Euro-Atlantic integration and emphasized the need for deepening of the relationship with NATO through a joint contractual agreement. According to Madam President, Kosovo Security Force, being built with the help of NATO, has managed to achieve all of its operational capacities.

Commander of the NATO South Wing, Admiral James Stavridis, who will be leaving this post in the near future, highly praised the cooperation that he has had with President and other institutions of Kosovo. He said that NATO presence in Kosovo continues to remain important in order to offer a safe and secure environment for all the citizens of Kosovo and particularly now at the period of agreement achieved in Brussels.

Admiral Stavridis also stated that Kosovo as well as the whole of the region have achieved important advances in various fields, particularly in the field of security.