Acting President Osmani met the diaspora in Switzerland

The Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo, Dr. Vjosa Osmani–Sadriu, at the invitation of the Swiss Parliament is on a visit to Switzerland.

Acting President Osmani started her visit to Switzerland with a meeting with the diaspora, with those who, according to her, although having already built their home and families in this country, always keep their minds and hearts close to our beloved Kosovo.

“I can not describe in words what an honor, privilege and pride it is to be among lawyers, doctors, scientists, researchers, entrepreneurs, artists, architects and professionals of various fields who are excelling in the professions they have selected and are making extraordinary and substantial contribution to the Swiss society. We had so much to talk about, but naturally, we kept the focus on discussing the ways of cooperating where our diaspora is no longer seen only as a source of remittances, but as a source of ideas, competence and professionalism, being these values which our country needs now more than ever”, said Acting President Osmani.

Mrs. Osmani said that leaving your country to go to a foreign country where the entire family faces many sacrifices is not easy at all, “But, dear diaspora, you have proved to us that sacrifice and hard work is always rewarded with the best. The great and unconditional love you have for Kosovo, we will soon turn it into a strategic partnership and concrete projects and commitment. I am grateful to each and every one of you for having the pleasure of meeting you, and I apologize to all the others that due to the pandemic rules we were unable to greet them”, said Acting President Osmani.

During the day, Acting President Osmani also met with Mrs. Ylfete Fanaj, President of the Lucerne Parliament.

The Acting President said that the day when Mrs. Ylfete Fanaj was elected President of the Parliament of Lucerne and when the song “Moj e bukura More” was echoed in Switzerland, we will remember it as a special day in the chapter of the ever-increasing successes of our diaspora.

“It is an extraordinary pleasure to meet her today. An example of a modern, diligent politician who humbly contributes to the improvement and advancement of policies in Switzerland for all communities without exception”, said Acting President Osmani.