Jahjaga: Our economic development depends on the establishment of a favourable investment climate

President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, accompanied by the leaders of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce and of the American and German Chambers of Commerce in Kosovo, commences today with a series of visits to a number of municipalities of Kosovo, undertaken in support the local economic development and support to the foreign investments in our country.

Today, President Jahjaga will be visiting the municipalities of Klina, Istog, Peja, Deçan and Junik. 

At a statement issued to the media prior to the commencement of the visits, President Jahjaga said:

In cooperation with the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce, American Chamber of Commerce and the German Chamber of Commerce, I have decided to commence with visits throughout the municipalities of Kosovo in order to induce the lacking and necessary dialogue on economic development, employment and foreign investments.

It is by now clear that our economic development depends on the establishment of a favourable investment climate, without administrative barriers, with strong rule of law and with fair competition.

My joint visit with the respective chambers of commerce aims to directly address these barriers, in order to help businesses to reach Kosovo, in an attempt to lower the unemployment and to raise the quality of life in Kosovo.

During the whole duration of my mandate I have addresses economic development in various ways, from direct communications with foreign investors to initiation of strategic partnerships. However, we must with utmost urgency address even problems at the municipal level, because without overcoming of these challenges it will be difficult to bring investors in Kosovo. I am dedicated to contribute until the very last day of my mandate in order to establish a favourable investment climate.

The starting point is Dukagjin, and I hope that by the end of the month I will have visited most of the municipalities of Kosovo.

Statements were also issued by the leaders of the three chambers of commerce,

Safet Gërxhaliu, Chairman of the Kosovo Chamber of Commerce:  

To start the new calendar year 2016 with a support of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Jahjaga, and to indeed have the economic development as priority, is the best that can happen to Kosovo.
It is an activity which promotes a proper public-private impact, is a motivation to the private sector and is a proof that economic development must be the priority of all priorities, and if indeed this priority has the support of the Head of the republic of Kosovo, President Jahjaga, then this is truly a motivation and proof to us, as representatives of the business, that Kosovo has a future and that economic development must be a priority. Thank you for your dedication and for your support Madam President.

Arian Zeka, Chairman of the American Chamber of Commerce:

Please allow me to initially, Madam President, thank you for being a part of this initiative, and actually to be the leader of such an initiative.

The aim is, that this document which is jointly prepared by all three chambers, and which identifies the issues which businesses face in municipalities, discuss together with mayors and to make them aware that they have an important role to play in improvement of the environment of doing business at the municipal level.

They have an important role to play in supporting of businesses located within their regions and in advocating for problems faced by them at the central level and of course, to at the same time educate the businesses that they need to ask for more accountability form the mayors of their respective municipalities.
There are certain problems which we have identified and we expect to communicate them together. Plan is to, within a brief time period, we undertake repeated visits, but next time we will be visiting the companies, to see if there have been any moves forward by the mayors in addressing of the identified issues.

Albert Matoshi, Executive Director of the German Chamber of Commerce:

As my predecessors already said, this initiative is a very good one, and which has gained the support of the German Chamber of Commerce as well. All that there is left to be said from my side is to which the initiative a lot of success and to in direct contact with the municipalities see what can we do and where can we improve things, and see the issues which they are faced with.

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