First Lady of Kosovo meets with counterparts from around the world at the “Fashion 4 Development”

First Lady of Kosovo, Lumnije Thaçi, upon an invitation from the president and the establisher of the “Fashion 4 Development”, Evie Evangelou, attended tonight the Official Eighth Annual First Ladies Luncheon.

During this luncheon, First Lady of Kosovo met with a number of her counterparts from all around the globe.

The strengthening of the role of women in the community and society was the theme of discussions the First Lady of Kosovo had with the First Ladies of Paraguay, Silvana López Moreira, Fatima Maada Bio of Sierra Leone, Graça Machel of Mozambique, Margaret Kenyatta of Kenya, among many other First Ladies.

During this important event, First Lady of Kosovo has also met with well known businesswomen and men such as Katya Palazzolo of Global Community Engagement and Resilience Fund, and Chaudry Anjum Jaura of BNL Clean Energy.

The First Lady of Kosovo also met with the Albanian stylist Mirela Nurçe, the well known Albanian photographer Fadil Berisha and many others.

“Fashion 4 Development” platform is established in January 2011 in support of the United Nation’s Millennium Development Goals and of the “Every Woman Every Child” movement lead by the former UN General Secretary, Ban Ki-Moon.

The aim of the “Fashion 4 Development” is to promote and utilize the strength of the fashion and beauty industries, by applying the creative strategies for sustainable economic growth and independence of communities through the expression of fashion.

Upon an invitation by the First lady of the USA, Melania Trump, First lady of Kosovo will be attending the cocktail organised by Mrs. Trump, attended by the wives of leaders from around the world.

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