First bilateral agreement between the US and Kosovo signed

Republic of Kosovo’s President Dr. Fatmir Sejdiu, Prime Minister Hashim Thaçi and the US Ambassador to Kosovo Christopher Dell signed today the first formal bilateral Agreement on Economic Assistance between the US and Republic of Kosovo.

This assistance will be oriented towards an overall growth in Kosovo, with a particular focus on infrastructure, economy, transport, education and other fields.

President Sejdiu said that the signing of the Agreement on Economic Assistance between the Republic of Kosovo and the United States of America represents an important milestone, a new chapter of development and a practical expression of the United States unwavering support.

“We wish to inform you that today it is a day and a moment of a special importance, for a crucial agreement on economic assistance will be signed between the Republic of Kosovo and the United States of America. It is an agreement that reveals and reflects further the exceptional commitment of the United States to assist Kosovo and to add on to the assistance that this country has provided to Kosovo so far” – President Sejdiu affirmed in a statement made before the signing ceremony.
President Sejdiu maintained that this assistance will be oriented towards an overall growth in Kosovo, with a particular focus on infrastructure, economy, transport, education and other fields and that, as such, it will represent an incentive to a faster growth in our country.

In addition to this, President Sejdiu said that the Republic of Kosovo is committed to using its budget and every cent received as an international assistance in the most accountable manner.

“We are living the propitious years of a growth in Kosovo, but it is important that we set our pace in ensuring a growth in every field. It is also important to note that the Republic of Kosovo’s is committed to using every cent received as an assistance, including its own budget, in the most accountable manner, including the assistance that Kosovo has received in 2008 from the Donors’ Conference and the additional assistance that was received continually from the United States and which has provided good opportunities for setting the pace in our development steps” – President Sejdiu pointed out.

Prime Minister Thaçi considered that the agreement signed today between the United States and Republic of Kosovo strongly indicates the strong present and future relations between the two states in terms of assistance.

“This agreement serves as another guarantee of the Unites States strong commitment to supporting Kosovo” – Prime Minister Thaçi said.

On the other hand, the US Ambassador to Kosovo, Mr. Kristofer Dell, reaffirmed his country’s commitment to assisting Kosovo.

“The US government remains committed to helping independent Kosovo and to our shared goal of building a democratic, multiethnic and prosperous country for all the citizens of Kosovo” – Ambassador Dell affirmed.

“Through this agreement today, the government of Kosovo and the government of the Unites States are reaffirming their mutual commitment in this regard. We’ve agreed to work together to achieve important objectives on the road to increase economic prosperity; we will continue working with the Ministry of Economy and Finance to strengthen the budget and treasury functions; we will work to promote public private partnerships and to finance public infrastructure; we’re working to strengthen the tax revenue collection systems and to enhance the environment for a competitive and diversified free market economy to prosper here; we are working together to develop a well-trained and productive work force of Kosovars that can meet the demands of the private sector today and no later than tomorrow” – Mr. Dell added.

“Doing all this is a challenge. But Kosovo is no stranger to challenges and when I look at what we have overcome together through our common efforts, I have every confidence that the future will be even better than the already great today that we enjoy here. I’ve been given the great pleasure to be able here to join the honourable President and the honourable Prime Minister in endorsing this new agreement between our two countries” – Ambassador Dell said in conclusion to his speech.


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