Biden to Osmani: This past year, Kosovo repeatedly demonstrated leadership on the international stage

The President of the United States of America Joe Biden congratulated President Osmani on the occasion of the February 17th, the Independence Day of the Republic of Kosovo.

In this letter he potentiates that United States will remain Kosovo’s steadfast partner. President Biden applauds Kosovo’s commitment to the ongoing work and determination in strengthening of democracy and fighting crime and corruption. Furthermore, President Biden potentiates that At the Summit for Democracy Kosovo has demonstrated that Kosovo is ready to share its experiences with other states, and emphasizes that this past year, Kosovo repeatedly demonstrated leadership on the international stage. Praising Kosovo’s engagements in building of good neighbourly relations, President Biden also asks that dialogue concentrates in mutual recognition.

In this felicitation letter, President Biden once again speaks of the special place that our country. holds with the Biden family

The content of the letter can be found at the following link as well as the full text in English and Albanian:
Dear Madam President:
On behalf of the American people, congratulations to you and your fellow citizens as you celebrate Kosovo’s national day on February 17.
Kosovo has made incredible progress over its 14 years of independence, growing from a fledgling democracy into a nation ready to share its experiences with the world, as you demonstrated during the Summit for Democracy in December. I applaud your commitment to the ongoing and vital work of strengthening Kosovo’s institutions and ensuring Kosovo’s democracy delivers for all the people of your country. The United States will remain Kosovo’s steadfast partner as you strive to fight corruption and strengthen the rule of law, to protect the rights of religious and ethnic minorities, to foster just and transparent economic growth, and to secure a sustainable energy future.
We are glad that Kosovo is continuing to build and strengthen its positive relations with neighboring countries, and we will continue to support your efforts towards a comprehensive normalization agreement with Serbia centered on mutual recognition.
This past year, Kosovo repeatedly demonstrated leadership on the international stage. From offering safe haven to the vulnerable to bolstering global security and co-deploying alongside the U.S. Army in Kuwait, the people of Kosovo have shown the world their bravery and their generosity. And as we face the COVID-19 pandemic together, I am pleased that the United States could provide this month another half million safe, effective COVID-19 vaccine doses to protect and assist Kosovo in rebuilding from the pandemic.
As you know, Kosovo holds a special place in the Biden family’s hearts. I thank you again for the great honor you bestowed on my son, Beau, when you posthumously awarded him the Presidential Medal on the Rule of Law last year. I look forward to continuing our shared efforts to deepen the partnership between our countries and to realize Kosovo’s future as a vibrant, sovereign, multi-ethnic democracy, taking its rightful place in European and Euro-Atlantic institutions.
I wish you and all the people of Kosovo a safe and joyful holiday as you celebrate your independence.
Joseph R. Biden Jr.

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