Acting President Konjufca: The blood of the fallen of Krusha e Madhe and Krusha e Vogel lies in the foundations of our state

The Acting President of the Republic of Kosovo, Glauk Konjufca, has paid homage today in Krusha e Madhe and Krusha e Vogel.

Acting President Konjufca has said that every time we come here we understand even better that Kosovo has three wounds, and which according to him, what is the worst is that they are open wounds of the Republic of Kosovo and its people.

“The first wound is the massacre that took place. The people here, the Krushians have experienced horror in a massacre which has left hundreds and hundreds of dead. The second wound is that there are also empty cemeteries here. Some of the cemeteries are empty, which reminds us once again that Serbia has kidnapped our loved ones and family members and never returned them. Their fate has not yet been brought to light, and this is an open wound in the body of our state, of our people. I would say that the third wound is the lack of justice. There has never been justice for family members who lost their loved ones, they were massacred, abducted, the fate of a part of them is not known and the family members for 22 years from that date live every day with the weight, and with the severe suffering for the unsolved fate of their family members”, said the Acting President.

He also remembered the great intellectual and patriot, Ukshin Hoti, “Let us not forget that one of the most prominent personalities of the Albanian nation was born here, this is his birthplace and he had the same fate, I am talking about our great intellectual and patriot Ukshin Hoti, who was disappeared in May 1999 by the Serbian police forces, and since that day nothing has been known about his fate. “Institutions must do significantly more than they have done before for all these I spoke about, also to brighten up the fate of Ukshin Hoti”, stressed Acting President Konjufca.

According to him, the blood of the fallen of Krusha e Madhe and Krusha e Vogel lies in the foundations of our state, lies in the foundations of the freedom of the Republic of Kosovo.

Acting President Konjufca also paid homage in Krusha e Vogel, in honor of the martyrs killed in the massacre carried out by the Serbian military and paramilitary police forces in March 1999.

The Acting President has said that Serbia has absolutely not received the deserved punishment as a state for all those genocidal acts, the genocide it committed in Kosovo during the last war of 98-99.

“In Serbia, not only are there thousands of war criminals free and unpunished, untreated by justice, but what is worse, through the current policy pursued by Serbia’s state representatives, they are showing us that Serbia in a great scale is not detached from the logic of that power which caused the genocide in Kosovo during the last war”, he said.

According to him, the actions of our institutions have also sometimes caused great dissatisfaction to the families of the victims of the massacre of Krusha e Vogel.

“For example, halving the sentence of one of the war criminals, who was convicted by our courts for active participation in the massacre of Krusha e Vogel, has caused deep indignation among all the people of Kosovo, but especially to the family members who lost their loved ones during this massacre. This has not been a good signal at all from our institutions that war crimes cases will be prosecuted and punished”, said the Acting President.

Acting President Konjufca, calling on our institutions, our justice system, has said that “now everyone knows that there is no obstacle for the state of Kosovo, our courts to prosecute, and to punish all actors like representatives of the Serbian army, police and paramilitaries who committed massacres during the war in Kosovo as they deserve it”. 

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