President Thaçi in Washington: The future of our friendship with America is safe

Washington, February 08 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, attended last evening the reception organized by the Embassy of the Republic of Kosovo in Washington, in honour of the tenth anniversary of the independence of Kosovo.

Many US state representatives, personalities of political and cultural life were invited at this event.
While expressing his gratitude to Ambassador Çitaku for organizing this event, the Head of State also thanked the other participants as he said they are here to celebrate a very special day for the people of Kosovo.
In fornt of many diplomats, President Thaçi has recalled the day of Kosovo’s declaration of independence, describing it as exciting.
I became Prime Minister few months earlier and I did not sleep all night, because I was preparing to read the Declaration of Independence of the Republic of Kosovo. I was about to declare my homeland as free, democratic and independent.  That was not a simple day”, stressed President Thaçi.
He said that like never before, people all over the country and many others coming from all over the world, filled the narrow streets and squares of the city, adding further that most of them were happy for the new chapter and new beginning but many were also sad, remembering sacrifice we gave for the independence.
According to him thousands of people died, tens of thousands of women who were raped, countless people lost everything for our freedom and independence.
“As I went to the Parliament building, I was also thinking about my own father and mother and many other generations who lived under apartheid, without education in their own language, without three elements that Americans found most important in American Declaration of Independence: liberty, life and happiness”, he stressed.
Considering this moment as the happiest and the most important moment of his life the Head of State said, “It was happiest and the most important moment of my life. It was happiest moment for my people and it was a special moment for all friends of Kosovo. It was a difficult and long journey”, continued President Thaçi.
He remembered the American soldiers who gave their lives for Kosovo’s freedom and independence as well as for peace in the Balkans, Kosovo’s friends here in America, who believed in us. According to him, they provided light in darkness and they provided comfort in times of sadness.
“People like Congressman Engel, Senator Dole, Congressman Lantos – many, many others who believed in us.  It didn’t matter whether you are Democrat or Republican, when it came to Kosovo and – I am happy to see – it doesn’t matter now’, he stressed.
President Thaçi said that Kosovo is the only country where President Clinton Avenue crosses President Bush boulevard, expressing so the gratitude for the diaspora as well.
“Our diaspora in America learned something important – you must work to make dreams come true and they worked very hard, they gave everything to make the dream of Kosovo’s independence come true”, said President Thaçi.
The Head of State, among others said that we will never forget the just nature of our war, the clean aim of our fight and the blessed result of our efforts. In special days like this we reflect on past, but I want to say one thing about the future: “I am convinced now, more than I was convinced when I read the Declaration of Independence ten years ago – that the future of Kosovo and the future of our friendship with America is secure”, continued the President.
Adding further that we will remain a trusted partner of the international community, and in particular of the United States
“Kosovo is a country with youngest population in Europe and our goal to become member of EU, NATO and UN will be achieved”, he stressed.
The Head of State said that he is proud to be the President of the most pro American nation in the world, further adding that “The world is a better place today because of independence of Kosovo ten years ago”, said in the end President Thaçi.