President Thaçi: Ejup Runjeva was a model of the freedom fighter

Kaçanik, April 2, 2019 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, attended today the Memorial Academy of the 6th anniversary of the passing away of the KLA fighter, Ejup Runjeva

President Thaçi said that Ejup was among the first activists to join the Kosovo Liberation Army in this part of Kosovo.

“Ejup was a fighter from the start and remarked for his extraordinary mobilization skills, his approach, wisdom, and bravery in his actions. He was a model of the freedom fighter. Model of a warrior we needed at that time, needed for the cause, needed for our goal for freedom, independence and the great ideal for national unification”, said President Thaçi

Remembering his best memories, his bravery and leading role in many engagements, battles and shared journey, President Thaçi said he had the honour to go through many joint commitments with him.

“I had the honour, that together with him, to go through many joint commitments, to be together along the whole Sharr Mountains in rain, snow, frost and heat, always at the head of the row, at the top of Luboteni”, he said.

The Head of State added that today we proudly commemorate that great sacrifice of Ejup and his comrades.

“He endured proudly during the war. He endured proudly after the war. Even though he was arrested and unjustly condemned, his ideals, aspirations and cause won. I also highly praise the role of Ejup in the leadership of the war associations after the war, to face many injustices, but also to care for every fighter within the possibilities, potentials and capacities he had”, he emphasized.

President Thaçi emphasized that Ejup died at the best age, when he still had the possibility, the potential and the capacity to serve our country.