President Thaçi appointed 53 new judges

Prishtina, July 31 – The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Hashim Thaçi, decreed today the appointment of 53 new judges, who will be the guardians of the right for the citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.

The fifty-three new judges have sworn in and have pledged to remain loyal to the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo.

In his speech, President Thaçi has emphasized that the Republic of Kosovo, over the last few years, has been making and is constantly making reforms, with the sole purpose of ensuring that the judicial system functions in the best possible manner.

“Dear judges, there is a great responsibility on your shoulders, a responsibility which I have full confidence that you will know how to keep and that the citizens of our country to feel themselves secure and equal in front of the law”, he added.

The President said that in the Republic of Kosovo, since the declaration of independence, a new life has started, a life with full dynamism and development in all fields, so we need a tireless work, especially in the field of justice.

According to him, the institutions of Kosovo have worked on completing the legislation that will make the owork of the judges easier.

“We should all be committed to the respecting of the legal and constitutional order of the Republic of Kosovo, in order to move forward and to be close to side-by-side with the developed and democratic countries”, said the President.

At the end, the 53 new judges have sworn in, with the commitment to protect the laws of the Republic of Kosovo.

The text of the oath:

I solemnly swear that during the performance of the duty as a judge of the Republic of Kosovo will remain faithful to the Constitution of the Republic of Kosovo and will exercise the function of the judge with honor, responsibility and impartiality, while respecting the rules of professional ethics”.