On Gorani Day, President Osmani met with representatives of this community

The President of the Republic of Kosovo, Vjosa Osmani on Gorani Day received representatives of this community.

President Osmani congratulated the Gorani community on their day, thanking them for

their contribution to cultural diversity. In this context, President Osmani emphasized her

support for the empowerment of the women of this community at all levels, emphasizing

that the problems faced by the Gorani community are the same as those of other

citizens of the Republic of Kosovo.


Whereas, the representatives of this community have emphasized that the Gorani

community feels part of the state of Kosovo, so they asked for the support of institutions

in order to address the needs of the community for employment and development. They

emphasized the role of the Gora region in the development of tourism in this part.


Further, they requested increased institutional care for the Gorani community and their

settlements, so that the youth of this area does not abandon Kosovo. Representatives

of this community have expressed the hope that development projects that support the

community will be supported by local institutions as well.