Kosovo state delegation carries out intensive activities in New York

8 September 2010

In the framework of intensive activities carried out these days in New York, the delegation of the Republic of Kosovo, composed of President Sejdiu, Prime Minister Thaçi and Minister of Foreign Affairs, met today with the ambassadors of Quint member countries, for the purpose of fine-tuning their position prior to the UN General Assembly due to be held tomorrow.

At the meeting, President Sejdiu, Prime Minister Thaçi and Minister Hyseni expressed again the appreciation of the people and institutions of Republic of Kosovo for the permanent support that the Quint member countries have provided to Kosovo. They also expressed their belief that these countries will maintain their support for Kosovo as our country will face further challenges on its advancement towards irreversible Euro-Atlantic integrations.

Once again, the Kosovo Delegation opposed official Belgrade’s initiative to file a draft resolution with the General Assembly, considering it unproductive following the unequivocal opinion of the ICJ.

On the other end, in the afternoon, President Sejdiu and Minister Hyseni met with ambassadors of the member states of the Islamic Conference Organization, who assured them that the Organization will continue to support Kosovo at all international institutions and forums, so that the Republic of Kosovo can become fully integrated into international institutions as soon as possible.

“The advisory opinion of the International Court of justice confirmed strongly that the declaration of independence of Kosovo has not violated the international law, so we expect from the member countries of the Organization of the Islamic Conference that have not recognized the independence of our country yet to do so at their earliest convenience”, President Sejdiu said.

“As President Ahtisaari has maintained, Kosovo is a specific case and cannot be compared with any other case. Institutions of Kosovo are committed to implementing President Ahtisaari’s Plan in its entirety”, President Sejdiu affirmed.

Reminding the ambassadors of the Organization that the Republic of Kosovo has been recognized by 70 countries around the world, President Sejdiu asserted that Kosovo maintains excellent relations with all the neighboring countries and other countries of the region and is interested in neighborly relations with the Republic of Serbia, for the best and the welfare of the people of both countries. “However, – he added – we can never accept to discuss issues that relate to the status or the sovereignty of Kosovo or its internal affairs, as Serbia intends.”

“Kosovo is a democratic country of all its people who are equal under the law. It has provided full constitutional guarantees to all its minority communities, which, with the exception of some members of Serb minority, are integrated into our country’s institutional life and contribute to the development of our country”, President Sejdiu said.

Repeating the call for recognition of the state of Kosovo addressed to the Organization of the Islamic Conference that have not recognized Kosovo yet, Minister Hyseni recalled President Ahtisaari’s qualification of Kosovo as a special case that can not serve as a precedent to other cases. “This finding – the Minister said – has been confirmed by the International Court of Justice, which has introduced the factual and legal circumstances that render Kosovo a specific case. Having elaborated on the historic and factual context that has led to the creation of the state of Kosovo, the Minister said that the recognition of the young state of Kosovo would contribute to the prosperity and the future of Kosovo and the region alike, including the Republic of Serbia.

Minister Hyseni also spoke of the creation of Kosovo’s identity as a state in the international arena. In this context, besides recognitions, Minister Hyseni laid the emphasis on the establishment of diplomatic relations with a large number of states, on the signing of many international agreements and on Republic of Kosovo’s operational diplomatic and consular network, maintaining that there is no way back from the current state of affairs.

The Kosovo Delegation also had a meeting with the leaders of the National Albanian-American Council.