The speech of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, H.E.Mr. Hashim Thaçi at the parade of the Kosovo Security Force and the Kosovo Police

Honorable citizens of the Republic of Kosovo,

Respected soldiers, and officers of the Kosovo Security Force,

Honorable members of the Kosovo Police and other state agencies,

Ladies and gentlemen,

We are gathered today in this square of Prishtina, to mark the tenth anniversary of the creation of the state of Kosovo.

The making of this state and the liberation of Kosovo had united us for almost a century.

Whole generations, who sacrificed everything so that we, all, as citizens of this country, to make reality on February 17, 2008, the declaration of Kosovo an independent and sovereign state

This was and will remain the happiest event in the history of our people.

Our journey towards freedom and independence has been difficult, troublesome, with many tragedies, but also very heroic!

We must never forget this journey and our sacrifice!

We are all proud citizens of the state of Kosovo.

After a while, we will welcome the parade of the troops of the Kosovo Armed Forces and the members of the Kosovo Police.

The last time we had such a parade of the KSF, it was four years ago, or on February 17, 2014.

At that time, there were two reasons we were honored, all of us, as officials and as politicians of Kosovo, by the members of the KSF.

On one hand, we marked the sixth anniversary of the state of Kosovo, while on the other hand, the KSF had completed all the necessary preparations for the transformation into the Kosovo Armed Forces

Unfortunately, we, as Kosovo politics, were not able at that time to follow the Kosovo Armed Forces properly.

But now things have changed in Kosovo.

As President of the Republic of Kosovo, I am determined to give the state of Kosovo its Army.

The KSF, with all its effectives, for some time now, has been practicing, preparing, working, and acting as a genuine army of a state.

The Kosovo Security Forces are and will remain one of the supreme values of this state and the most sublime values of this country.

The Kosovo Security Forces, in their ranks, have the best boys and girls of all communities living in Kosovo.

The Kosovo Security Forces and the Kosovo Police, which are the best in the region, are the power of the state of Kosovo and the best guarantee of the security, stability and sustainability of the Republic of Kosovo.

So the long-awaited moment of our army's formalizing is knocking on the open door.

Our strategic partners and NATO fully support this process of the Kosovo army because it will be just another added value in service of peace and stability in the region and beyond.

The state of Kosovo is proud of you!

Happy tenth anniversary of the state of Kosovo to all of us.

May the state of Kosovo be blessed forever!