The speech of President Jahjaha at the fourth meeting of the National Anti-Corruption Council

Under the direction of the President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs. Atifete Jahjaga, today, the fourth meeting of the National Anti-Corruption Council, was held.

The meeting was attended by the Director of the Anti-Corruption Agency, Mr. Hasan Preteni, the Chief Prosecutor of State, Mr. Ismet Kabashi, the Chairperson of the Judicial Council of Kosovo, Mr. Enver Peci, Minister Bajram Rexhepi, Francesco Flory, chairman of the Assembly of EULEX Judges, representatives of international institutions, deputies and leaders of the Kosovo Assembly Commissions, representatives of economic institutions and other officials.

Below we give the speech that President Jahjaga presented at this meeting:

Honourable Ministers,

Honourable members of the National Anti-Corruption Council,

I would like to welcome you to this meeting and to wish you effective work at this fourth meeting of the national Anti-Corruption Council.

Today, we will be debating the third theme, the performance of the Kosovar Anti-Corruption Agency.

The main parlance will be held by the director of the Agency, Mr. Preteni, but all of us will also be participating by concrete contribution in discussions and analysis of the up to date performance and inter-institutional relationship of the agency by all related institutions.

We must potentiate the contribution of the citizens in Agency’s work; legal definitions, the rights and obligations of the Agency as well as of the other institutions, and those of the citizens as well. All this with purpose of enabling the Agency to become a respectable, acceptable and trustworthy, in one word, an authoritative body.

Mr. Preteni, at our previous meetings insisted in strengthening of the role of the Anti-Corruption Agency and legal support of its activities had requested that false presentation or non-presentation of data should be punishable by law. This and there issues that will be debated today, are all in function of clarification of roles and obligations of all related parties. 

It is also said that issues raised by the ACA are not treated in an acceptable manner, not acted upon on due time, no further actions are undertaken and there is no feed back received. 

We will, naturally, discuss this segment of inter-connectivity and inter-dependence and we will receive data on how many cases have been flagged, how many of them have been processed and how many are solved so far.

As in the previous meetings, we still need to discuss the further clarification of the legislative framework, propose the necessary amendments of the relevant laws that will increase efficiency of the performance of the Anti-Corruption Agency, and make the fight against corruption, this illegal and appalling activity that threatens to encompass every sphere of our lives and work, especially the work of the institutions, more fruitful. 

I, in my capacity as the President of this country, as a factor of unity, cooperation and coordination, am very interested in creation of an ambiance and general consensus against corruption, to create the necessary mechanisms that would mainly prevent this occurrence from happening, and also hep us remain uncompromised and efficient in fighting this activity wherever it appears, by taking the necessary exemplary sanctioning.  

I am, as well as you, interested in concrete and substantial achievement. Statistical data showing how many corruptive affairs have been detected, what measures were taken and what sanctions were applied against the perpetrators inclusive of the confiscation of the property obtained by corruptive actions.

We all agree that we can not stop in our endeavours until we completely uproot this hideous activity, and until we manage to create the moral and legal codex that would disencourage anyone in their attempt to obtain any personal gain from corruptive dealings.

Honourable members of the council,

For the next meeting, the there-monthly report of our work as a Council will be prepared for you, which will add clarification on our further engagements, measures we shall need to undertake and changes that might be necessary in our internal organisation and institutional relationships of the Agency, organisations and citizens, that shall enable us to act as a society where the law and order are in domination. 

As you might be aware, the National Councils that I have set up in Presidential capacity have been set up with the purpose to coordinate and facilitate the activities, while at the same time preserve the each institutional independence. We are not an executive council, but with our work we are proving that we are a respectable, and necessary institution, were we are all in equal capacity and with total respect for each line of work, discuss the achievements and failures and present our recommendations and suggestions on how better to organise ourselves and increase efficiency.

In certain occasions, unjustly at times, tangible statistical results are being asked from us; our aim is to offer systematic solutions, create the atmosphere of mutual trust and cooperation, see the obstacles that lie ahead and find solutions by full consensus. This organisation of ours and the Exchange of information and reports will definitely have positive implications in the work of all of us present here today.

At the coming there-monthly report, you will notice that each proposal and argument has been treated in accordance thus helping the Works of all institutions charged with fighting corruption.

Our country aims the Euro-Atlantic integrations, and on this path we must fulfil a number of conditions and criteria. One of these is efficient battling of organised crime and corruption, battle for which we have been assembled at this very high level of organisation, as proof of our dedication, ability to succeed.

Thank You!