President of the Republic of Kosovo, Mrs Atifete Jahjaga participatedtoday at the ceremony held on the occasion of the unveiling of the statue of Isa Boletini in Isniq, Deçan. Also present at the ceremony were the Prime Minister of the Republic of Albania Mr Sali Berisha and the Prime Minister of the Republic of Kosovo and other senior officials.

Below is the text of the speech that President Jahjaga held on this occasion:

Honourable Prime Minister Berisha,
Honourable Prime Minister Thaçi,
Honourable Mayor Selmanaj,
Honourable descendants of the leader Isa Boletini,
Honourable uncle Ilmi,
Honourable family of Edmond Hoxha,
Honourable family of Rustem Bruçi,

Honourable residents of Isniq, the land of the word, the tradition and of Besa. The land of bravery and patriotism, land that gave birth to Isa Boletini.

The erection of the statue of the leader of the Albanian uprisings for freedom and independence, for making Albania a progressive and advanced state; a tolerant state with respect for religion and with its eyes turned towards Europe.

It is an honour for our generation to respect our ancestors, to appreciate the sacrifice made through centuries for preservation and development of our nation, for the protection of our territorial entireness.

Isa Boletini shook an empire and prompted the movement of the whole Balkans and whole of Europe by making public and legitimate the demands for Freedom, Independence and State building.

Isa Boletini, together with the ideologist of Independence Hasan Prishtina and the father our State Ismail Qemali  and many other patriots and intellectuals, moulded with patriotic and progressive European ideas, put the wheel of history in movement and turned the eyes of the world towards the Albanians.

Thanking their engagements, Albania became a nation, it evolved, and thus today, us, the leaders from all of our regions, honour this major deed of theirs, by holding their ideals in our hearts and in our minds; their heroism and sacrifice that was so dignifiedly animated in the glorious war led by the Kosovo Liberation Army, in permanent friendship with the United States of America. Today we walk with strong and secure steps towards on our path towards Euro-Atlantic integrations, as a free nation, equal and full of dignity.

Look after this statue with pride and honour and may we all enjoy it together.

Isa Boletini, this brave national leader, like once before, returned under the large roof of Isniq once again.