The greeting speech of the President of the Republic of Kosovo Madam Atifete Jahjaga on the occasion of the presentation of the strategic plan 2015-2018 of the Kosovo Woman Network

Even though unable to attend, I address you with great pleasure in order to express my unreserved support to the mission lead by the Kosovo Women’s Network since its establishment.

Honourable participants,

Even though unable to attend, I address you with great pleasure in order to express my unreserved support to the mission lead by the Kosovo Women’s Network since its establishment.

I had the pleasure to cooperate with the network for many years and have seen from close by the vision, dedication and readiness of the Executive Director, Ms. Igballe Rugova, members of the board and its member organizations, to contribute in the formation of a society in which the position of the women is equal to that of men, as well as in building of an all-encompassing state in which the rights and freedoms of each citizen are guaranteed.

Kosovo Women’s Network has provided a valuable contribution to the addressing of the need for wider participation of women in all fields of life, her empowerment and emancipation, in breaking of social taboos related to traditional role of women and in building of a new social reality in which general advancement of the society is directly linked to the contribution and active participation of women in it.

Network has become a voice and most trusted partner f women and girls in all parts of the country by offering them opportunities for a better life, a more prosperous one, to them and to their families.
Kosovo Women’s Network is a reflection of an emancipated woman in our society, an example and inspiration to young generations.

Dear friends,

Together we have managed to build a legal infrastructure in accordance with international conventions which guarantee the respect for rights of women and girls in our society, we have made considerable progress but still have a lot to do to guarantee that women and girls take their deserved position in the society.

We must ensure that the voice of every single women is heard and must ensure that the rights of every single women are respected.

In this direction, I would like to emphasize the important role of the Network on addressing of an issue considered a taboo until recently, the rehabilitation of the victims of sexual violence during the war. At Network, I found a partner and a strong supporter for the proceedings of the National Council on Survivors of Sexual Violence during the war, in addressing of as a society and institutions a category of civilian war victims, who for 15 years remained cloaked with the stigma unjustly thrown upon them.

I have said it before and I strongly believe that there in this midst there is no US and THEM, it is US and we are ONE.

I am convinced that on this journey, Kosovo Women’s Network will continue to play an important role, ensuring that the voice of the half of our society will be heard and will be represented in the development of our community, society and the country as a whole.
Our devotion to our ultimate goal, ending of vicious circle of poverty and dependency in which women find themselves generation after generation remains unshaken.

WE are demonstrating that we are bearers of most important processes of the country; we are an indivisible force of the democratic developments in Kosovo and a strong pillar of state building. We are an equal part of the freedom of the country and active participant in building of its better future. Removal of gender barriers will advance processes in the country and will further democratize it. Therefore, empowerment of women is empowerment of the society itself.

While you consider the strategic planning for the coming years, there is nothing else to say but to congratulate you on your achievements and wish you successes in the future. On the fulfillment of your mission, you will have my unreserved support.

And at the very end I would like to leave you with a saying of a friend of mine and a great friend of the people of Kosovo, the State Secretary of the United States of America, Secretary Clinton, which says that HUMAN RIGHTS ARE WOMEN’S RIGHTS AND WOMEN’S RIGHTS ARE HUMAN RIGHTS- once and for all.

Thank you and lots of success!